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Taylor Swift and Matty Healy continue to spark dating rumors, but not everyone is excited about the potential new romance. Kim Petras announces that her long-awaited major-label debut, ‘Feed the Beast’, will arrive this summer. Myke Towers talks about the thought process behind his album ‘La Vida Es Una’, working with Daddy Yankee, and more!

TETRIS KELLY: Taylor Swift and Matt Healy are finally spotted together and some Swifties are not happy! Grammy winner Kim Petras announces her debut album, Daniel Caesar’s trending thanks to BTS. Myke Towers talks new music and collaborating with Daddy Yankee. And Elena Rose teaches us her favorite slang. Welcome back to Billboard News. I’m Tetris Kelly and it’s Tuesday, May 16th.

It’s the rumored romance everyone’s been talking about and it has Swifites polarized. Taylor Swift and Matt Healy go public and it’s all about the music? After a breakup with longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift has been tearing it up on her Eras Tour. She’s also been linked to 1975 frontman Matt Healy. And now some public photos have surfaced. The two were spotted leaving a New York City recording studio early on Tuesday morning, and they looked really happy, the Swifties have so many opinions on this. One fan tweeted “She better wrap this up before summer. I’m not memorizing love songs about Matty Healy. That’s where I draw the line.” Another cleverly wrote, “If Tom Hiddleston was the getaway car. Matty Healy is like the getaway bicycle.” With some going as far as to say he’s “sexist, racist, homophobic…” and more. But maybe it’s all about the music. This fan posted to IG the possibility of this all being about them recording a bonus track for ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’. Now I for one, can’t wait for that release.

From one Grammy winner to another, Kim Petras is making some major moves. Get ready all you loyal Bunheads, Kim Petras’ debut album is coming this June.

Kim Petras got her fans all worked up when she announced the drop date for her major label debut. This year’s Women in Music Chart Breaker took to her socials to reveal the album’s release date and artwork posting, “The story begins on June 23. ‘Feed the Beast’.” ‘Feed the Beast’ is expected to feature previously released singles ‘If Jesus Was A Rock Star’, ‘Brrr’, and ‘Alone’ featuring Nicki Minaj. The Grammy winner is also one of four Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover models this year, joining Martha Stewart, Megan Fox and Brooks Nader. Kim is looking stunning wearing an iridescent gold bikini top designed by Natalia Fedner.

Now on to our interview with Myke Towers, he’s been working with a Reggaeton legend and can’t wait to perform for you all.

MYKE TOWERS: I want to show my people that I’m at a new level of creating and I don’t want to keep in my comfort zone, like always, I always want to do new things. In this album, some people are going to listen a couple of times to get used to it. People always want me to make only Hip-hop or Trap music or just like Reggaeton but in this one, I went different.

I won’t celebrate. I don’t like to celebrate, I just want to move to the next goal. I feel like I want to have a good time with my people and with my fans. I wanted to create this album for a live performance-like purpose. I can’t wait to perform. I think this is the most special for me because it’s on my album. It’s like the sound that Daddy Yankee always like put out in his career, like in all of his albums, he had like, at least one record of this type so when we were making this record, we were with Play N Skillz. And they were like, “I think Yankee is the man”. I was like, “Do you think so?” Remember, that’s something that you gotta be very like you got to be secure if you’re gonna ask Yankee something like that. So I was listening, listening, listening to it. I said like, “Man, I’m gonna take the shot.” As soon as he listened to the hook, he knew what is good music. He approved it.

TETRIS KELLY: For the full interview, head to Billboard.com. It’s time to talk Hot Trending Songs. These are the ones you guys are talking about on Twitter. BTS’ V helps drive Daniel Caesar to No. 1 on Hot Trending Songs. Daniel Caesar’s ‘Vince Van Gogh’ makes his way to No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart powered by Twitter for the chart dated May 20th. The song garnered buzz online thanks to BTS’ V who played the song in a recent Instagram story. The power of BTS y’all.

‘Vince Van Gogh’ is followed by (G)I-DLE’s new release “Allergy’ at No. 2. The track was released on May 9th ahead of the girl group’s new EP ‘I Feel’ which dropped on May 15th.

Stray Kids bows at No. 3 with ‘FNF’ off their upcoming album ‘5 Star’ due out June 2nd. The fellas also snagged the No. 5 spot with their unreleased ‘Collision’ also off their upcoming EP.

And finally 30 Seconds to Mars and their new release ‘Stuck’ comes in and No. 4.

Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs Chart powered by Twitter tracks global music-related trends and conversations in real-time across Twitter, viewable over the last 24 hours or the past seven days.

Before I let you go, we caught up with Elena Rose at Billboard Latin Women in Music, and she told us her favorite Miami slang.

ELENA ROSE: Hi, I’m Elena Rose and this is my three top favorite Miami slang. El primero is “Pero Like”. Pero like, I think is when you’re trying to explain something, you know, and also like when you have to think in English but you really speak Spanish. A veces se mete, sometimes it gets in, you know, so it’s like, I want to do this, pero like, we start here and then we start there. You know, the second one could be, “You Know.” ¿Tú sabes? I just said, “You Know”, ¿verdad? I just said you know? Okay, so that’s, you know, es como like an affirmation. It doesn’t really mean you know, because you know. You know. El tercero es “Papi”. Everything is “Papi. Mi amor. Mami.” Eso es bien Miami. This is my favorite Miami slang.

TETRIS KELLY: That’s today’s show, make sure you come back tomorrow and we’re gonna be getting to know a little bit more about Rita Ora. I’m Tetris Kelly and this is Billboard News.