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Rita Ora tells us who she’s been the most starstruck by, creates her ultimate superstar group, which country star she’d love to collab with, her obsession with SZA, and more during Rapid Fire!

Katie Bain 0:00
You probably wouldn’t guess but I’d love to work with…

Rita Ora 0:03
Probably Chris Stapleton

Katie Bain 0:18
Okay, we have a little game. Oh, cool. Yeah, I’m gonna say a sentence. Okay, fill in the blank with the first thing that comes to your mind.

Rita Ora 0:24
I love this! No, I genuinely play it with like my friends.

Katie Bain 0:28
Who’s made you the most starstruck?

Rita Ora 0:30
Prince was a moment for sure. I remember when he walked into a party with the most gorgeous twins, honestly, it was like the seas parted and he just like walked through slowly. And I was like – that was the first time I like saw him but then we met after.

Katie Bain 0:48
Did he ever give you any advice?

Rita Ora 0:49
I think he just told me to own my masters. And now I own my masters.

Katie Bain 0:54
Weirdest thing I do before I go onstage?

Rita Ora 0:58
I warm up. And then I sort of like just hum but I’m alone. I have like 10 minutes to myself. Just focus and think about the show.

Katie Bain 1:05
What is your favorite late night snack?

Rita Ora 1:06
I mean pizza. I just love pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? Or cheese?

Katie Bain 1:10
You have an endless budget to start the ultimate group – who is in your group?

Rita Ora 1:15
Oh my gosh, I think Sam Smith. Yes. I love Anitta. Oh yeah, Charli XCX perfect. Nicki Minaj I mean, how big is this group? Because we like Beyoncé, David Bowie if he was still alive and me! Yeah. And the whole of BTS.

Katie Bain 1:34
You’d be shocked to learn I’m a big fan of…

Rita Ora 1:37
Chris Stapleton

Katie Bain 1:40
I’m shocked.

Rita Ora 1:41
Are you?

Katie Bain 1:42
Well no, because he’s amazing.

Rita Ora 1:42
He’s absolutely iconic. I just love Chris because of the soul and then he gives me straight gospel soul

Katie Bain 1:52
The one song I wish I wrote?

Rita Ora 1:57
Oh, I always say this: ‘Don’t Speak,’ No Doubt. It’s just just written perfectly. It’s like the perfect song and I’m just like obsessed with Gwen Stefani.

Katie Bain 2:12
The last song I listened to was…

Rita Ora 2:14
What was I just listening to in the car? I think it was like a SZA song because I’m like everyone else in the world obsessed with this the whole SZA album.

Katie Bain 2:23
You probably wouldn’t guess but I’d love to work with…

Rita Ora 2:27
Probably Chris Stapleton.

Katie Bain 2:29
Hell yes, you guys would be amazing together.

Rita Ora 2:31
It’s just a random duo, but it would work really well.