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The larger-than-life self-portrait of graffiti writer, Royyal Dog, is hard to miss at the intersection of 6th and Alameda in Los Angeles’ Arts District. Porsche teamed up with Royyal Dog to showcase how the luxury vehicle empowers him to make the most of every minute and get closer to the things he loves.

This video captures Royyal Dog’s creative process as he tells his story of leaving his family home in Seoul, Korea, and his commitment to pastorship to plant roots and build a family of his own in Los Angeles as a graffiti writer. Here’s what the mural means to him:

  • The self-portrait itself is a representation of Royyal Dog, where he is the hero and the creator of his destiny as a graffiti writer.
  • In his hand is a box of his painting supplies – using the contents of a small cardboard box to unlock a world of creativity.
  • The car trunk boasts luggage. This flexes the utility of the Macan and the interpretation of the car as his vehicle to get him closer to his creativity. The luggage, marked by a tag ICN – LAX, represents the airports traveled to pursue this dream: Seoul to Los Angeles. This trope is reiterated in the emblem on the box he’s holding that reads “Seoul to Los Angeles,” in Korean.