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As part of her grand prize, Samsung NXT 2.0 winner Nyla XO was awarded the fund for a music video and our champion filmed a clip for “Perfect View,” the song that she performed in the Original Song round of the competition and at the grand finale in Los Angeles.

Samsung NXT 2.0 competition winner Nyla XO unveils the dating-show theme video for her latest single, “Perfect View.”

It would be the understatement of the year to say that things are heating up for singer-songwriter Nyla XO. As a part of her prize for winning the Samsung NXT 2.0 Talent Search competition this past February, the Chicago-based artist and recent Billboard cover star got the chance to create the music video of her dreams for her song “Perfect View.” Shot in Los Angeles, the video is an homage to the three-person dating show format, where Nyla chooses between three potential partners featuring cameos from Nyla’s real-life hubby Hank McDaniel IV as well as yours truly as dating-show host. The video is just as upbeat and bubbly as the song itself. With bright primary colors and set pieces reminiscent of early ’90s pop culture moments. In the video, we see Nyla fall immediately head over heels for McDaniel to the point where she falls into different dream world scenarios with the suitor, involving everything from a picnic to a wedding to an old-fashioned jam session. There’s even a cameo from the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, the phone that Nyla used to win the competition. When it comes time to entertain the idea of her other suitors, it seems like Nyla already has her mind made up on her “Perfect View.”

Check out the full video today on Billboard.com. For Billboard News, I’m Tetris Kelly.