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We’ve got a ton of new drops just ahead of the long weekend. Dua Lipa is back with a track for the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack, Taylor Swift teamed up with Ice Spice for ‘Karma’ and is giving us more Lana Del Rey. Plus more!

Tetris Kelly 0:00
Dua Lipa takes us to the disco, Taylor recruits some friends and MoneyBagg Yo gives us a taste of what’s next.

Tetris Kelly 0:10
Happy Friday y’all. I’m Tetris Kelly for Billboard News and let’s jump into your Friday music guide starting with the return of Dua Lipa for the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack with ‘Dance The Night.’

Tetris Kelly 0:25
She kicks off the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack with a disco party — if the rest of the soundtrack is this good, we can’t wait for July

Tetris Kelly 0:37
MoneyBagg Yo is back with ‘Ocean Spray’.

Tetris Kelly 0:46
But if you were hoping for his full album you’ll have to wait a week thanks to a certain other artist.

Tetris Kelly 1:19
Taylor Swift spiced up her track ‘Karma’ with the help of the People’s Princess.

Tetris Kelly 1:25
But she didn’t stop there. She added a little more Lana to ‘Snow On The Beach.’

Tetris Kelly 1:39
I chatted with Lauren Jauregui about her new EP ‘In Between’ and it has Russ and her ex Ty Dolla $ign on ‘Wolves’

Lauren Jauregui 1:52
He is such an incredible musician and artist and I’ll always be open to collaborate with him. He’s so talented and we work really well together. So you know we’re two humans experiencing life now so we create with that intention and purpose. We can do whatever we want.

Tetris Kelly 2:10
What a list. I can’t wait to put those on repeat. Before I let you go, we’ve got one more entry for your Friday music guide.

Tetris Kelly 2:23
Peso Pluma has been dominating the charts and added another track to the mix with ‘Bye.’