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Myke Towers tells us about the thought process behind his album La Vida Es Una, working with Daddy Yankee and more!

Myke Towers 0:00
The most risk that I took in my career musically is in this album. I love it really, like, I got too many, like vibes, but still like putting my my Caribbean essence in it. Hi, my name is Myke Towers, you’re watching Billboard News.

Myke Towers 0:36
I want to, like, to show my people that I’m in a new, like, level of creating and I don’t want to keep in my comfort zone. Like always, I always like want to do new things. In this album, some people like gonna listen in like a couple of times to get used to it. People are always like me to making only hip-hop or trap music or just like reggaeton, but in this one I want different.

Myke Towers 1:10
Not like, celebrate, I don’t like to celebrate, I just want to move on to the next goal, but I feel like you want to have good time with my people and with my fans. I wanted to create this album for the live performance like purpose I can’t wait to perform live.

Myke Towers 1:31
Yeah like I think this is the most special for me because it’s on my album. It’s like the sound that Yankee always like put out in his career, like you know off his album, he had at least one record this type. So when we were making this record, we was playing skills. And they were like, ‘I think Yankee’s the man like, do you think so?’ Remember, that’s something that you gotta be very like, you got to be secure if you’re gonna ask Yankee something like that. So I was listening, listening, listening to it. I said like, ‘Man, I’m gonna take the shot.’ As soon as he listened to the hook, he knows what’s good music and he approved it.

Myke Towers 2:16
I will say the most song that I feel like I relate to him is in “Lo Logré” because he’s like the most personal one and talks about what I’ve been through. So when I was making that that song I was like thinking when I first started and now with all that I got on he’s the most important part of my you know, my inspiration, I think so. Every day that I wake up, I’m like, I gotta hustle because I got this kid or wanting to go through what I’ve been through so…

Myke Towers 2:51
We’re gonna see like in person. There’s gonna be some places that I haven’t been before so I can’t wait to perform La Vida Es Una on the tour.