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Bad Bunny gives us some Jersey club sounds with his new track ‘Where She Goes.’ Miley Cyrus spilled some serious tea for the cover of British Vogue, opening up about whether ‘Flowers’ is about her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, the advice she’s received from Dolly Parton, and her thoughts about touring. The long-awaited track for the ‘Fast X’ soundtrack ‘Angel Pt. 1’ featuring BTS’ Jimin is here. Baby Tate & Saweetie test how well they know each other. And more!

Tetris Kelly 0:00
Miley clears up rumors and says she doesn’t want to tour. Justin Timberlake laughs when the internet jokes about his wife Jessica Biel. We’ve got hit after hit in your Friday music guide. You see how well Saweetie and Baby Tate know each other. And Maria Becerra builds her ultimate girl group. Happy Friday! I’m Tetris and this is Billboard News. It’s May 19th and we’ve got a ton of new bops in your Friday music guide.

Tetris Kelly 0:32
Has Bad Bunny ever failed? I think not. He gives us everything we need with new track ‘Where She Goes,’ including cameos from Frank Ocean and Lil Uzi Vert.

Tetris Kelly 0:49
We’ll have more new music throughout the show, but first, let’s get to our top story. Miley Cyrus is on the cover of British Vogue and on the inside she’s having quite the tea party because she is spilling — here are three things to know from her revealing cover story.

Tetris Kelly 1:09
First Miley’s eight-week Hot 100 chart topper ‘Flowers’ was almost very different. She said the empowering song used to be said with one lyric saying “I can buy myself flowers, right? Write my name in the sand, but I can’t love me better than you can.” Plus Miley says she doesn’t have time for the rumors that the song is about her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. She’s not into tricking the audience. If it were about him, you’d know.

Tetris Kelly 1:37
Second, Miley said she’s not a fan of those major tours. She said there’s no safety. It’s also not natural. It’s so isolated because you’re in front of 100,000 people then you are alone. It’s not that she can’t do it. She just doesn’t have the desire to do it.

Tetris Kelly 1:57
Finally, she reveals some of the best advice she got from her godmother Dolly Parton when she remembered a wardrobe malfunction while hosting New Year’s Eve with Pete Davidson.

Tetris Kelly 2:19
It’s safe to say I’m in my grave. BTS’ Jimin is joined by Muni Long, Kodak Black, NLE Choppa and Jvke on ‘Angel Pt.1’ from ‘Fast X.’ And the only way to describe this song is angelic.

Tetris Kelly 2:38
Saweetie and Baby Tate made me a bop together with ‘Hey Mickey’. So to celebrate we put their friendship to the test.

Saweetie and Baby Tate 2:45
I’m Baby Tate and I’m Saweetie and we’re gonna see how well we know each other

Producer 2:58
Who would win in a twerk off?

Baby Tate 3:01
Me — not in this dress

Producer 3;08
Who’s most likely to be late to set?

Saweetie 3:09
Don’t judge me, there was traffic today. I think it’s neutral.

Producer 3:17
Who’s the bigger spender?

Baby Tate 3:22
Probably Saweetie — you see this shirt?

Producer 3:27
Who takes the most selfies?

Saweetie 3:29
Oh I don’t know, that might be a tie. Yeah, I feel like we’re both picture girls.

Baby Tate 3:33
I was definitely taking pictures earlier

Saweetie 3:36
Me too.

Baby Tate 3:38
Gotta get that good light

Saweetie 3:38

Producer 3:40
Who is most likely to Google themselves?

Baby Tate 3:43

Saweetie 3:44
Me too.

Producer 3:52
Who is the better driver?

Saweetie 3:53
Oh me.

Baby Tate 3:54
I don’t drive, so definitely Saweetie.

Saweetie 3:55
I’m like the best getaway driver. I’m thinking in another life…

Baby Tate 3:59
Like a race car?

Saweetie 4:00
No like a getaway driver.

Baby Tate 4:03
That’s good to know.

Producer 4:08
Who’s the bigger crier?

Baby Tate 4:11
Oh, I mean, I don’t really cry that much.

Saweetie 4:12
Me either.

Baby Tate 4:13
I don’t have any water in my chart.

Saweetie 3 4:13
I have hella water in my chart, but shoot.

Baby Tate 4:16
You don’t be crying?

Saweetie 4:17
No I don’t.

Baby Tate 4:18
It’s no more pain over here.

Producer 4:20
Who is most likely to forget lyrics while performing?

Baby Tate 4:28
Yeah, definitely we forget. We have so many songs.

Saweetie 4:32

Baby Tate 4:32
I think people, like they get a little hard on artists like how you don’t remember your words. Like I write a lot of words.

Saweetie 4:38
I think it’d be like the choreo with the rapping. I did it one time and they caught me in 4k.

Tetris Kelly 4:47
Kesha is showing us only love can save us now. Her new album ‘Gag Order’ has arrived.

Tetris Kelly 4:59
Kylie Minogue is entering a new era with ‘Padam Padam’

Tetris Kelly 5:12
Justin Timberlake is responding to a TikTok user claiming the singer’s girlfriend looks just like Jessica Biel.

Tetris Kelly 5:27
Justin Timberlake got in on the fun this week after someone pointed out the stark similarities between his wife and Jessica Biel. The joke started when the TikTok user left a comment on the pop star’s video writing, “I don’t know who you are, but your girlfriend looks like Jessica Biel, Congrats” followed by a pair of starry-eyed and thumbs-up emojis. The couple has been married for more than a decade and the singer couldn’t resist turning the comment into a bit. In the video, JT lowers his sunglasses to look directly at the camera, and he doubled down in the caption, writing ‘from now on I’m only going by Jessica Biel’s boyfriend.’ Gotta love it. Justin can jump in and make a joke out of this — now where’s some new music?

Tetris Kelly 6:10
The worlds of Disney and K-pop have collided and I couldn’t be happier. Danielle from NewJeans voices ‘The Little Mermaid’ and K-pop idol Ailee lends her voice to Disney’s ‘The Ghost and Molly McGee.’

Tetris Kelly 6:35
Now let’s toss it to Maria Becerra who told us down in Miami who would be in her ultimate girl group.

Tetris Kelly 7:11
That’s it for today, we’ll be back Monday with your latest in charts and music news. But before you go, we’ve got one more entry in your Friday music guide. If your heart is broken, you might need to stay away from this next one. Lewis Capaldi returns with ‘Broken By Desire to Be Heavenly Sent.’ For even more new music make sure you head to Billboard.com. I’m Tetris Kelly and this is Billboard News.