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Ice Spice 0:00
Ice is my nickname spice just rhymed with it. I came up with it when I was like 14

Ice Spice 0:06
My munchkins I love them so badly

Ice Spice: 0:15
You thought I was feelin’ you, She a baddie with her baddie friend, she a baddie she knows she’s a 10. There’s too many I just rapped my whole EP to you right now

Ice Spice 0:30
I did manifest being successful. I would always like be on Google as a kid and sit looking up how to be rich and sh– and like careers that pay the most. So like growing up, I was like, Okay, should I be a doctor? Or should I be a lawyer? You know what I’m saying? I just wanted to make a lot of money, but I just loved music. So I guess that’s how it just fell into place.

Ice Spice 0:57
My pops always to this day. He’s always like schooling. What’s happened in hip hop, just being familiar with a rapper in your household and like seeing somebody go to the studio and seeing CDs and stuff like that. And like always hearing hip hop music and just like, constantly, basically being coached about hip hop. He’s the one who told me about Nicki Minaj in the first place.
I guess I always knew I’d be a rapper because like, I was actually looking to be friends with producers. And I had a couple other producer friends on campus that like would always stall and never would f—ing send me a beat. And I’d be like, hello, like, Can I get a beat? Nobody wants to send me beats but Riot So thankfully, he actually took me more serious than other people. And finally, I was able to lay it down. She used to send me little like snippets and you know, over iMessage and stuff. And I used to be like, damn, like, this sounds really good. Like, you know, she had like a voice that had like, you know, some bass in it and I just had a feeling that like this could really go somewhere. I love how we’re able to just kind of like build a brand you feel me and it’s kind of like exclusive in a way

Ice Spice 2:18
Pop Smoke came out. I was obsessed. Because I mean I know drill was already like mainstream in the UK and stuff like that but I felt like Pop Smoke brought this new life back to it. And I was just obsessed. He’s one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to that he brought a lot of light to New York and definitely paved the way for a lot of like current drill rappers

Ice Spice 2:48
I was already working on like my first song ever that I was recording. I was like halfway done with it when I did the Buss It challenge and when I saw it going so viral I was like damn, I imagined that was my song that I was twerking to. So then the next month I put out my first song and took it from there. But yeah, so shoutout Erica Banks, that challenge was mad fun, that big kick started a lot of sh– for me

Ice Spice 3:21
I followed Pink [Pantheress] and I posted Boy’s a Liar on my story. And she swiped up and was like, Do you want to get on it? I’ve been a fan of Pink since like she first came out so to work with her so crazy. That was a crazy a– collab. I didn’t think it would be that big to be honest. It makes the most for Pink Pantheress

Ice Spice 3:52
I knew it would be like fun. I knew our fans would really appreciate it because I saw them wanting us to collab for a little bit now, before it came out. But when it did come out, I was like, oh sh–, like, I didn’t expect that. When I see them like so excited. I’m like excited too, you know, you can’t even rush the process. Like we’d be trying to rush the process, but like, it’s always going to have its timing and it’s just fun that people are so excited and stuff while we were shooting Boy’s a Liar. There was like a little group of boys down the block, like just screaming the whole time. And then they was on the roof of the other building, watching us through the roof scene screaming. It was so funny.

Ice Spice 4:41
Chillin with North [West] kinda just reminded me of like, being with my siblings.

Ice Spice 4:46
She’s so cute. She just kept like, making little TikToks to my songs and stuff like that. And then I seen her starting to draw me and I was like, Oh, she really is like supporting me. That’s crazy.

Ice Spice 5:05
I love the Princess. I feel like I let the fans pick that one. Because I didn’t like claim her until I saw like all my supporters being like she’s the people’s princess. She’s Princess Diana. At first I was confused. I was like, Um, Princess Diana, like, on everybody, but I was like f— it. Like she’s iconic. So, yeah.

Ice Spice 5:28
I’ve been a fan of Nicki my whole life.

Ice Spice 5:39
I was always manifesting like working with her and meeting her one day and stuff like that. So you know, I guess it’s just perfect timing. I don’t know, like her and James connected. I’m listening to her. Who’s her idol. You know, Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. My thing is, how do I get her? Nicki wants to work with people who want to work with her. But she’s very selective. It got to make sense. And Nicki made sense. I was like, oh my god, this is such a crazy moment. Like, besides meeting her of course, because, you know, she’s legendary herself. But I was just like, I made it this far. Like, you know, meeting her. I feel like that’s when a lot of stuff started to hit me now, shout out Nicki, shout out Ice. You know, those are my two favorite artists right now. Like, you know, the women are killing it. And to be a part of the Queen and the Princess’ moment. I couldn’t ask for more.

Ice Spice 6:37
I met with a bunch of labels and stuff like that. And then I just felt like 10k and Capitol was the good fit for me. You don’t want to just take any deal. And deals came to her. You know, there was production deals, 360 deals, but it was deals that I know that it can be better. And I wanted to get a better deal, you have to go out and do it yourself. And that comes with us putting our money where our mouth is. And we did that with Munch. We rolled it out independently, ourself. And we leveraged the success and the hype around that and we got the best deal. You know, now she owns her masters, she owns her publishing. And not a lot of people can say that. I’m still learning a lot to be honest, recording used to be very, very stressful for me, but now I’m getting more comfortable with it. Like over the past year, I would say I’ve been more comfortable learning to record while learning like songwriting processes and everything was a lot but I’m so happy I put in that time, that work. You know what I’m saying? Because it’s paying off.

Ice Spice 7:43
I just felt like people needed to hear some more music from me, before I gave them like an entire album. So I was just like, let me put out a couple more songs. And just introduce myself really, because, you know, I just got here and I feel like people need to just hear a little bit more and just get more familiar with me. She’s rare. She’s one of a kind. And I think people seeing it now what I think is a lot more that we have in the pipeline. I’m gonna put out a deluxe this summer. Yes. So stay tuned for that. That’s on the way. I love the songs that I’m making. So I think that’s the most important part, just loving and having fun. People is gonna say Oh yeah, she’s here to stay.