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Billboard News’ Tetris Kelly talks to ENHYPEN at We Bridge Festival 2023 in Las Vegas and they tell us how they get ready for shows, meeting their ENGENEs and more on this latest episode of Billboard Tour Stop.

Hello we are ENHYPEN! Thanks for tuning in to our Tour Stop. Let’s go!

Tetris Kelly 0:21
We’re hanging out at We Bridge in Vegas with my boys ENHYPEN. How’s Vegas?

Jake 0:27
It’s amazing.

Ni-ki 0:28

Tetris Kelly 0:29
So you guys sold out 19 dates on your first tour. That was so awesome. So tell me some memorable times from that tour.

Heeseung 0:38
Pretty good.

Jake 0:40
I think it was his birthday. We actually did a show in New York. Yes, I think it was a memorable show.

Heeseung 0:48
I was really honored to be with ENGENE on my birthday

Heeseung 0:56
So happy at the time

Tetris Kelly 1:01
That had to be really cool. Now what’s some of the things you guys do before you go on stage, like how do you get ready?

Tetris Kelly 1:13
Who do you think takes the longest to get ready?

Tetris Kelly 1:21
And what about when you walk offstage? Like when you’re done with the performance — what’s next?

Jay 1:26
Yeah, I think drinking water is important. Yeah.

Tetris Kelly 1:29
Gotta stay hydrated.

Jay 1:31
Yeah, there’s dust in the air

Jay 1:34
Because we need to do another show each day. So yeah, I think drinking water is important.

Tetris Kelly 1:53
Tell me how it is to meet your ENGENEs and do the high touch

Fan 2:12
I just met them

Fan 2:16
That was so unreal, we’ve been dreaming about this since we debuted. I blacked out, I don’t even remember.

Fan 2:20
I love ENHYPEN so much because they really helped me. I love ENHYPEN because they’re so hardworking and talented. And we just love them so much.

Fan 2:29
They’re always there for us.

Fan 2:31
And I’m so happy to be an ENGENE

Fan 2:33
I’m a Filipino ENGENE

Tetris 2:35
You guys gotta get to stage so let’s get you over there I’m excited to watch you perform.

Thank you Thank you

Jake 4:01
Thank you Billboard for hanging out with us.