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Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar reunited for a remix of her ‘Renaissance’ song “America Has a Problem.” Beyoncé and Jay-Z make history as they close on a $200 million home in Malibu. Dua Lipa’s new track for the ‘Barbie’ movie is set to release this Friday, May 26th. Foo Fighters introduce their new drummer Josh Freese. And more!

Tetris Kelly 0:00
Beyonce drops a remix with Kendrick Lamar and buys some prime real estate. Dua Lipa teases her song for ‘Barbie’ and goes red carpet official with her man. Foo Fighters announce their new drummer. We get to know more about Ivy Queen. Happy Monday, May 22nd and welcome to Billboard News.

Not a lot of movement on our charts this week. Morgan Wallen maintains a hold of the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200. So as we breeze past charts this week, let’s jump into our top story.

Beyonce balls out of control and releases a new remix with Kendrick Lamar that name drops us.

Kendrick Lamar 0:41
“I’m honorary Beyhive, let’s see why. Them diamonds don’t be fly, they all CGI. You better get it off your chest like breast reduction. If she stressed over you, she stressed for nothin.”

Tetris Kelly 0:41
Beyonce surprised fans late Friday with a remix of ‘America Has a Problem’ featuring Kendrick Lamar and if you listen closely, the rapper references Billboard’s 50 Greatest Rappers list released this year.

Kendrick Lamar 0:59
“Billboard, they know (Out for us, ride or else)/ After Hov, rightfully so (Bust for us, not us)/ Simmer down, I go, I go (Culture, you got us…”

Tetris Kelly 1:08
He’s referencing how he landed at No. 2 on our Greatest Rappers list right behind Jay-Z. And Jay-Z and Beyonce have been busy. You may have recently seen that the couple set a California record with a $200 million Malibu mansion purchase. Guys invite me over! That’s what we call an upgrade.

Jay-Z 1:26
“Let me upgrade you…”

Tetris Kelly 1:28
Dua Lipa teased a new song for the ‘Barbie’ movie and hard launched her boyfriend in Cannes.

Dua Lipa dropped a teaser for her new song ‘Dance the Night’ which will be released on Friday. We already knew Dua would be in the ‘Barbie’ movie alongside Margot Robbie. But now we know she’ll be on the soundtrack too.

Dua Lipa 1:54
“Come along for the ride…”

Tetris Kelly 1:56
Speaking of films, Dua went red carpet official with her director boyfriend Romain Gavras. Her and her 41-year-old boo walked the carpet at Cannes. So who is Romain? He’s a film and music video director known for films like Netflix’s ‘Athena’, and M.I.A’s ‘Bad Girls’. And he was previously linked to Rita Ora, who is now married to Taika Waititi.

Now, let’s talk about some Rock and Roll. On Sunday night the Foo Fighters introduced their new drummer who will be taking over after the passing of Taylor Hawkins

During a live stream Sunday night previewing the band’s 11 studio album ‘But Here We Are.’ The Foo Fighters introduced the band’s new drummer Josh Freese. Freese is a veteran studio touring drummer and has played with acts including Guns n’ Roses, A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails among others. Taylor Hawkins passed away in March of 2022 during your tour stop in South America, and there has been a lot of speculation on who would sit in his drum seat. The Foo Fighters are heading out on tour this summer with more than a dozen festival appearances in support of their new album, which is a tribute to the late Hawkins and frontman Dave Grohl’s mother who also passed in 2021.

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What’s up y’all, it’s Meghan Maroney. I’m so excited to speak at Billboard live country in conversation on June 7 in Nashville. Get your tickets now

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Ivy Queen is a Latin music legend. And if you don’t know everything about her she’s got five things you should know

Ivy Queen:
Hola, mi nombre es Ivy Queen y tengo cinco cosas para compartirte que no sabías. La numero uno, me trago los chicles. No sé si es malo or bueno, pero lo hago. La segunda, me encanta todo lo que tiene que ver con skin preparation like serums, lociones. La tercera, me encanta mucho escribir. Tengo libretas con escritos. La cuarta, soy fanática del R&B music. I love R&B. Me encanta la música con letras espectaculares. Y la quinta, bueno, muchos lo saben, pero otros no: me encanta la cocina. Those are los cinco cositas que no sabías de mí.

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That’s today show, come back tomorrow to see which songs you’re all talking about. I’m Tetris Kelly, and this is Billboard News.