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YouTuber JC Caylen on His Compilation Album Hitting No. 1 (‘Whoa!’) & Making His Own Music

When most of us get good news, we throw a party. For YouTuber JC Caylen, he was already at one when he learned his. "I was doing a follow spree at a party," said Caylen, getting all excited." The 23…

When most of us get good news, we throw a party. For YouTuber JC Caylen, he was already at a party when he learned his good fortune. 

“I was doing a follow spree at a party,” said Caylen, ever the social-savvy businessman. The 23-year-old social-media star’s manager kept texting him a final countdown as the two watched his compilation album, Neptones, ascend to No. 1 on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. And when it finally got there, all Caylen could think was, “Whoa, that’s awesome.”

While Caylen joked that he never even though his album would make it to the top 30, let alone No. 1, it’s not that much of a surprise to the rest of us. Neptones is the latest compilation album from Heard Well, a record label started by YouTube star Connor Franta, Big Frame talent manager Andrew Graham and entrepreneur Jeremy Wineberg. While it’s the first one to hit the top spot, its predecessors — compilation albums from the likes of Franta himself and Lohanthony — all saw chart success.


YouTube Star Connor Franta Forms Label, Powered By Fellow Social Tastemakers

Heard Well was made with this exact success in mind. The label dubbed itself “the first music label powered by social tastemakers.” But it seems it’s inspired more than just Caylen’s involvement in compilations; the YouTuber revealed he’s looking to possibly create original music.

“We’re kind of putting something together for 2016,” Caylen says. “That’s kind of a secret, but I do want to start playing the guitar again soon.” An original music project would put him on the same path as social-media peers Troye Sivan, Joey Graceffa and Ricky Dillon

While fans wait to find out what this secret project is, they can revel in the story of how Caylen first got involved with guitar. “I kind of learned the guitar, honestly, to play for a girl back in high school. I learned the song ‘Slide’ by the Goo Goo Dolls — amazing song — I learned how to play that so I could ask her out to be my girlfriend. She said no.”

Check out Caylen’s announcement video below:

As for what’s next for Caylen, Heard Well will be releasing another Neptones project in March.