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YouTube for Artists: Ed Sheeran Is Huge in the Philippines & 10 More Things We Learned

YouTube's newly released YouTube For Artists' tool, Music Insights, is the video hub's most transparent use of its data yet.

YouTube’s newly released YouTube for Artists‘ tool, Music Insights, is the video hub’s most transparent use of its global viewing data yet. By tapping into data logged since September 2014, anyone can enter an artist’s name to find global data that can help an act efficiently route their next tour or get international radio play in the right markets. (Taylor Swift, for example, might want to think about adding a 1989 Tour stop in Bangkok.)


YouTube Unveils Tool to Help Artists Track User Uploads, Regional Heat

We asked YouTube to uncover 11 of the most surprising insights from the new service, and here are the results:

1. Kina Grannis, an American-Japanese singer-songwriter best known for her kinetic covers and catchy acoustic originals, has more YouTube views in Quezon City, Philippines, than any other city in the world.

2. Alabama Shakes may take their name from their native Southern state, but their most active fanbase is even further down south: São Paulo, Brazil, is the band’s most active city.

3. British rockers Muse, whose latest album Drones drops Tuesday, has an even bigger audience outside the U.K.: The act is most-viewed in Mexico City (8.9 million views); Jakarta, Indonesia (3.8 million views); and Bogota, Colombia (2.9 million views).

4. English native FKA Twigs has logged the equivalent of four views from every citizen of London since September 2014, or 39 million views (she premiered her latest, “Glass and Patron,” exclusively during March’s YouTube Music Awards).

5. Meghan Trainor may be all about the States, as her That Bass Tour (featuring Charlie Puth) is set to snake through U.S. amphitheaters all summer. But on YouTube, her top three most-viewed cities in the world are London (16 million views), Quezon City (15 million views — that one again?!) and Mexico City (13 million views).

6. Yet again, the Phillippines represent the most surprising concentration of Ed Sheeran lovers — his top four markets are Quezon City (43 million views), Cebu City (22 million views), Manila (18 million views) and Makati (14 million views).

7. K-pop star G-Dragon is understandably big in South Korea (13 million views), but his top two territories are actually Chile and Mexico, with 15 million views each.

8. It’s no coincidence that One Direction has made America its primary touring stop yet again this year: The U.S. (290 million views) leads viewership far above Mexico (188 million views) and Brazil (132 million views).

9. Bassnectar can fill arenas like Madison Square Garden, but what about Bangkok (1.1 million views), Mexico City (517,000 views) and Istanbul (408,000 views)?

10. Hozier‘s fans are most likely to be denizens of London (4.4 millions views), Warsaw (2.7 million views) and Dublin (2.4 million views).

11. Mumford & Sons may have ditched the banjos for their new music, but not the beards: More people have viewed the band’s videos (129 million times) than there are facial-hair-sporting men in the U.S. (95 million).