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YouTube 2018 Rewind Replaces Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ as Most Disliked Video on the Platform

This year's YouTube Rewind didn't go over quite as expected, officially becoming the platform's most disliked video today (Dec. 13).

This year’s YouTube Rewind didn’t go over quite as expected, officially becoming the platform’s most disliked video on Thursday (Dec. 13).

Rewind, the annual video made by YouTube, is intended to capture the year’s most influential and memorable moments. This year’s video has received immense backlash since it was first published on Dec. 6, with YouTube creators deeming it “inauthentic” and fans of YouTube star PewDiePie lashing out over his omission.

This year’s Rewind surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as the most disliked video on the platform. While Bieber accomplished the feat over the course of eight years, YouTube Rewind reached the milestone in about a week. 


One YouTube creator, Marques Brownlee, gave his take on why this year’s Rewind was such a flop among the online community. “YouTubers and creators and audiences see it as one thing and, YouTube, who’s in charge of making it, sees it as something completely different,” Brownlee said in a video of his own.

In addition to that critique, there’s also an organized campaign from PewDiePie fans protesting the Swedish YouTuber’s absence in the video. The video game commentator — who has stirred up his fair share of controversy, including his recommendation of a channel that posts anti-Semitic videos just last week — was not included in the Rewind video, despite being the site’s most popular user. His fans decided to speak out about the omission by disliking the video en masse.

Also among criticism about the growing disparity between YouTube’s brand and its community, commentator Philip DeFranco pointed out that YouTube’s Rewind completely glosses over some of its more controversial moments of the year like Logan Paul’s infamous “Suicide Forest” video. DeFranco argues that this attempt to distance themselves from possible backlash demonstrates how out of touch the platform is falling with its real community.

Check out this year’s YouTube Rewind for yourself.

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