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‘You’re Making Me Blind’: The Internet Doesn’t Love Spotify’s New Color

Not long ago, the common refrain was that "you can't please everyone all the time." These days, you can't please anyone for any amount of time about anything.

Not long ago, the common refrain was that “you can’t please everyone all the time.” These days, you can’t please anyone for any amount of time about anything.

Take, for example, reactions to the slight adjustment Spotify has made to the color of its icon. “As much as we got used to the old ‘broccoli’ green,” wrote the company’s design team in a blog post, “we felt that the dreary brand palette was desperate for an upgrade. It was time to give it a little refresh and make sure it goes well with our vibrant new color palette.”


Designer Tobias van Schneider was excited about it earlier today, posting to Twitter: “So much green talk today, thinking about getting a green juice for dinner now. So inspired!” He also posted this, which gives a look at the new color:

Spotify’s sunny outlook on its new, more forest-rooted tone is in direct contrast to many online, who are in open revolted against the color.

“I am disgusted,” wrote @weird_alm.

“I’m not paying $10 a month to have that on my phone,” @marce_lee_ta kvetched.

“Spotify icon looks like… a colorblind person made it,” Reddit user amemut posted.

“Holy FUCK why did they make the new Spotify icon so gross looking,” one Tumblr user mused.

“You’re making me blind,” another wrote.

And on, and on. The reactions seem a little dramatic perhaps, considering the end result is simply a different colored button that doesn’t even physically exist. We’ll have to keep wondering; a request to interview van Schneider about the new color — what’s it called? — and the overblown reaction to it was refused by Spotify.