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The Year in Music: Most Surprising Hits, Biggest Memes & What’s Ahead in 2019, On the Chart Beat Podcast

Plus, special guest DJ Earworm on his latest annual "United State of Pop" mash-up.

Welcome to the Billboard Chart Beat Podcast, where each week co-hosts Gary Trust and Trevor Anderson, from the Billboard charts department, discuss why what’s on the charts … is on the charts, while also looking at current chart action in a historical context for even greater insights.

This week, Gary, Trevor and senior editor Andrew Unterberger recap the year in music for 2018: the most surprising hits; underappreciated songs that should’ve been bigger; biggest memes; biggest beefs; videos that made the most impact; and, who mostly sat out the year but could be in for a big return in 2019.

Plus, special guest DJ Earworm discusses his latest yearly mash-up, “United State of Pop 2018 (Turnin’ It Up),” which blends smashes by Drake, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Dua Lipa, Ella Mai and more.

“I’m really drawn to the theme of unity. It’s part of the message that music is united,” DJ Earworm muses. “I often come back to unity, which I think is a little bit more powerful now that our culture is so divided. It’s extra important.”

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