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XXXTentacion’s Ex-Girlfriend Has Raised Almost $10,000 Via GoFundMe Since the Rapper’s Death

The GoFundMe page set up by Geneva Ayala to cover serious injuries she allegedly sustained in 2016 when attacked by her then-boyfriend XXXTentacion has raised nearly $10,000 through almost 700…

The GoFundMe page set up by Geneva Ayala to cover serious injuries she allegedly sustained in 2016 when attacked by her then-boyfriend XXXTentacion has raised nearly $10,000 through almost 700 donations since the musician’s death on Monday.

Before Monday, Ayala’s campaign had raised $25,463, surpassing its $25,000 goal. At the time of publishing on Wednesday (June 20), that total had grown to $34,762 with 1,483 total donations, thanks largely to news stories and social media support following XXX’s fatal shooting.

Ayala created the campaign in October 2016 after she was allegedly brutally beaten by the 20-year-old artist (real name: Jahseh Onfroy) while pregnant with his child. 


Ayala detailed the alleged incident in a police deposition and in a recent Miami New Times article, saying Onfroy punched, slapped, elbowed, strangled and head-butted her for about 15 minutes. She claims that when their roommates returned home, she begged them to take her to the hospital, but Onfroy forbade it. Instead, they tended to her injuries at home and Onfroy then brought her to his former manager’s house in North Miami, where he confiscated her phone and left her in a backroom for two days. After sleeping for 30 hours straight, she left the room and managed to escape through a side door in the kitchen. The next day, Onfroy was arrested and later charged with aggravated battery of a  pregnant victim, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness tampering — pleading not guilty to all charges.

According to Ayala’s GoFundMe campaign — which does not mention Onfroy or the alleged incident in detail — she was left with “two fractures in my left eye socket due to an aggressive hit, along with nose and jaw fractures.” She said the fractured bones are piercing into the back of her eyeball, causing damage to the optical nerve and the eye itself. As well, she said the left side of her face had lost some sensation and she could not feel her upper lip and upper teeth on the left side of her face. She also said her left eye’s vision was diminishing and she needed surgery or else her eyeball would die and the nerve connecting her lip and cheek to her teeth would eventually die as well. 

“I’d appreciate anything, this is a very strenuous obstacle that has been put into my hands,” she wrote. “Also could use money towards my living situation and food. Thank you.”

She told the Miami New Times that she had no health insurance and that the surgery cost $20,000. 


When Ayala started the fundraising campaign, she quickly raised $8,000 — including $5,000 from Onfroy — but within a week, XXXTentacion fans began reporting fraud to GoFundMe, with claims that Ayala had misrepresented the cause of her injuries. (Onfroy denied involvement on social media and said she was jumped.) As a result, GoFundMe deactivated the page, blocking Ayala from the money she had raised. It remained that way for a year and a half and Ayala still had not had the medical procedure, until the Miami New Times reached out to GoFundMe for comment, sparking the page’s reactivation, according to the June 5 article.

In the 24 hours following the Miami New Times story’s publication, Ayala’s campaign had raised more than $12,000 in new donations through an outpouring of support, including one $11,000 contribution from an anonymous donor. Now, Onfroy’s death has sparked a new interest in Ayala’s cause, bringing with it more than enough money for her surgery.

As for Onfroy’s legal issues, a spokesperson for the Miami-Dade State Attorney tells Billboard the office will present Onfroy’s death certificate at a June 28 hearing, which had already been scheduled, effectively ending that case. He also had a case in Broward County, Florida, which should see a similar resolution.

Meanwhile, if Ayala wishes to pursue a civil case against Onfroy’s estate over her allegations of abuse, she does still have legal options to do so even after his death.

Ayala could not be reached for comment.