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Science Fiction Fantasy… or will.i.am Reality?

Ahead of will.i.am's newest product introduction, let's play a game.

It’s somewhat surprising, in 2014, that will.i.am isn’t just a cloud of nanobots floating from keynote to keynote, proselytizing on the future of things from the very recent past. Unfortunately, the angle-coiffed singer and investor’s current corporeality will have to do for today at least, as he’s set to take the stage in California about four hours and twenty-one minutes from the time of this writing. The occasion this time? The introduction of will.i.am’s new smartwatch, which he claims will be better than anything those bumbling fools at Apple or Samsung could conceive of and is said to play music and take phone calls, things no watch outside of a ’50s comic book is yet able to do.


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Ahead of will.i.am’s product launch, we thought we’d play a little game with Mr. i.am’s entrepreneurial past that we like to call: “Sci-Fi Fantasy or will.i.am Reality?” Let’s go!

Streaming Music to Mars
An important part of any colonization is initial acculturation, getting the inhabitants used to how we are by introducing them to our literature, visual art and music. So it would make perfect sense to pre-empt a hostile takeover of Mars by first beaming our most classic music at the distant planet. But wait: Did will.i.am actually do this, or is this the plot of a ’50s matinee?

Recycling Coke Bottles Into High-End Products
While recycling things into things isn’t new, what about recycling things into expensive things? Multiple choice question: Philip K. Dick… or will.i.am?

A Car That Has Bass-Heavy Audio
The concept is simple, the implications enormous: a car that has Beats by Dre audio integrated into it. Is it sci-fi fantasy, or will.i.am (hyper!) reality?

A Phone Camera Case Extension Thing
This product was designed to extend the capabilities of the iPhone’s camera by giving the user more heft and megapixels and stuff. From the mind of Isaac Asimov — or will.i.am?!

Guess what? All of those things are real things that will.i.am idea-dreamscaped into the world (“reality 1.0”) and that continue to benefit humanity as a whole — a tradition that will continue later Wednesday night (Oct. 15).