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Watch Tim Cook & the SVPs Dance to ‘Happy’ at Apple’s Earth Day Beer Bash

No, it wasn't a scene from HBO's 'Silicon Valley' -- it was an Earth Day celebration!

No, it wasn’t a scene from HBO’s Silicon Valley. That really was Pharrell Williams performing “Happy” on the sun-swept campus of Apple in Cuppertino, Calif. And yes, that’s totally CEO Tim Cook, worldwide marketing svp Phil Schiller and software/service svp Eddy Cue bus’n a move along with hundreds of employees at the company’s #beerbash Earth Day celebration on Wednesday, April 22.

Watch supergroup Tim Cook and the SVPs (Cue in the right of the frame, Schiller at left, plus someone in navy blue who resembles svp of operations Jeff Williams) put on a dance clinic for the stunned masses. Has there ever been a finer “Over-head-clap-to-wide-swinging-arms” or “run-in-place”? We wish Cue had more screen time because dude is turnt.


If only Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Trent Reznor were on that stage, but alas, they’re probably busy getting Apple’s closely watched music streaming service ready for launch in a couple of months. (Here’s everything we know about that.)

Does his appearance in Cupertino mean Pharrell is officially on board to partner with Apple’s foray into streaming? As previously reported, he is among the artists who are in talks to be involved in the forthcoming Beats Music relaunch, expected in June. He also already has an Apple Watch, which doesn’t even hit stores until tomorrow (April 24), so we know he’s a fan of the company. Here’s a quick video of him performing for Cook and crew:

(H/t to The Verge)

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