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Warner Music Is Bringing Back Sesame Street Records

Warner Music Group's Arts Music division and Sesame Workshop have partnered to revitalize the long-dormant Sesame Street Records specialty label for a new, curated series of thematic CD, vinyl…

Warner Music Group’s Arts Music division and Sesame Workshop have partnered to revamp the long-dormant Sesame Street Records specialty label for a new, curated series of thematic CD, vinyl, download and streaming releases.

Arts Music’s plans for the revitalized imprint include unreleased music from current and past seasons of the legendary show, featuring thematic compilations and peppered with appearances by pop stars and other celebs. Also included in the releases will be many of the show’s spot-on parodies of pop culture.

New titles featuring these songs will debut in early 2019.

“Sesame Street and music have had a long-standing harmony that began nearly 50 years ago. I’m thrilled this partnership with Sesame Workshop is our first initiative for Arts Music in the kids’ music space,” said Kevin Gore, President of Warner Music’s Arts Music division. “I watched the first episode, owned their first album, shared this music with my kids, and I can’t think of a better brand or mission as our foundation in this space.”   


According to the Muppet Wiki, Sesame Street Records launched in 1974 and was initially distributed by Children’s Records of America. From 1977 until its demise in 1984, the label was distributed by Distinguished Productions. Later Sesame compilations have been released by a series of labels, including RCA, Sony and Koch.

“Music has always been a vital way for audiences to connect with Sesame Street as we work toward our mission of helping kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder,” said Steve Youngwood, Sesame Workshop’s President of Media & Education and Chief Operating Officer. “In Arts Music, we’ve found a passionate and forward-thinking partner who understands what our timeless songs mean to generations of families.”