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Warner Music Group Disciplining WBR EVP Jeff Fenster After Sexual Harassment Claims By Former Female Employee: Sources

Warner Music Group is in the process of taking disciplinary action against Warner Bros. Records executive vp A&R Jeff Fenster and another executive, following sexual misconduct claims by a former female executive, sources tell Billboard.

"We are grateful to a former Warner Bros. Records employee for coming forward to raise these concerns with us,” WMG said in a statement, though the statement didn't name the executives. “We appointed an independent investigator to conduct a thorough, in-depth investigation, as a consequence of which we are taking the appropriate disciplinary actions. The findings have also helped us identify areas where we can improve the enforcement of our policies and bolster our efforts to maintain a safe, respectful, and professional environment for all of our employees.”  

The woman made her allegations in a letter to the company after departing. Most of the allegations centered on Fenster and the other WBR executive, though she also accused WMG CEO Stephen Cooper of once making an inappropriate comment at a party, sources tell Billboard. WMG declined to comment further.  


WMG recently fired a top Swedish executive over sexual harassment claims.   

In an internal memo reviewed by Billboard, WMG’s human resources department told staff that “each one of us at WMG plays an important role in maintaining a positive and productive workplace free from any form of harassment or discrimination. Our Code of Conduct details the high standards expected of everyone who works at the company. If the disturbing news stories from the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that there is a need for lasting change at our company, in our industry, and in our society at large. We can always do better. We will continue to listen and learn about how best to provide a safe, respectful and professional environment for everyone.”