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Wanted: Photos of Nick Drake Live, Radiohead’s First Gig and More Iconic Moments

Concert subscription service Jukely has teamed up with Endeavor London, the publishing arm of Getty Images, to enlist the public in finding some — any — photographic documentation of some of the most legendary moments in British live music.

Getty Images said they are looking to buy the rare or previously-unseen images, especially of first gigs of bands or artists. Depending on the volume of submissions, Endeavor London may produce a book of the unearthed images. Jukely is handling the submission process for the search (details here) and at some point they’ll be published to an online gallery.

To get the ball rolling, Getty provided a batch of examples of wanted images:

Nick Drake live. The mysterious “Pink Moon” singer was able to overcome his crippling stage fright to perform at least 20 gigs during his brief career. Known venues include The Roundhouse in London, Birmingham Town Hall and the Goodwill to All in Middlesex, but sadly there are no photos of him on stage.

Pink Floyd at the “14 Hour technicolour dream” in Alexandra Palace, North London on 29th April 1967.

The Doors at the Isle of Wight Festival on 29th August 1970. Only a few photos of this show exist.

Otis Redding performing at the Finsbury Park Astoria in March 1967. According to Getty, a few photos of Redding in London exist, but it’s unclear if they’re from the Astoria.

The Who at the Marquee in 1965. The iconic band played the venue 21 times, but only one photo exists.

The Tamla Motown revue tour of 1965. Talk about a lineup: The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Martha & the Vandellas and The Temptations played 21 venues in three weeks — but only a few photos of them performing live exist.

Marc Bolan performing a solo set at the first Glastonbury festival in 1970. The T.Rex frontman was filling in for The Kinks at the last minute, but not a single photo of it exists.

The Sex Pistols at Saint Martin’s College on Nov. 6, 1975. The punk band’s first public performance lasted only 20 minutes before the plug was pulled. No known photographs of the show exist.

Radiohead’s first show, at the Jericho Tavern in Oxford in 1986.