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Vine & Tumblr Join the Billboard Social 50 Chart

New metrics and weightings shake up the rankings on the Billboard Social 50.

New metrics and weightings shake up the rankings on the Billboard Social 50.

Effective starting the June 27 charting week, metrics from Vine and Tumblr will be added as contributing factors to an artist’s ranking on the Billboard Social 50 chart.

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With Taylor Swift having taken to interacting with fans on Tumblr, and Vine trends from various artists like T-Wayne driving songs’ popularity in the top 10 of the Hot 100, those services are proving to be prime means for a music fan to interact with their favorite artists.

The Social 50, first launched in December 2010, is powered by data tracked by music analytics company Next Big Sound, and ranks the most popular artists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Wikipedia, Instagram, and now Tumblr and Vine. The chart’s methodology blends weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with artist page views, and engagement.


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These metrics are additionally factored into Billboard’s Artist 100 chart, which also incorporates album and track sales, radio airplay and streaming, to determine the 100 most popular artists of the week.

Mentions and revines on posts from an artist’s account on Vine will be added to the Social 50’s engagement category similar to how we track retweets and mentions on Twitter.

For Tumblr, notes on posts (signified by likes/hearts and/or comments) will additionally become part of the engagement category.

Shawn Mendes (35-18) is one of the early beneficiaries of this formula change, with his 4 million-plus followers revining him more than 81,000 times during the week, as well as Troye Sivan, who re-enters at No. 35 thanks in part to how active he is on Tumblr (16,498 notes on his posts for the week).

Swift ascends to No. 1 (2-1) due in part to the change in accounting. Posts from her official Tumblr page, which include select pictures from the Philly dates of her ongoing 1989 Tour, account for 269,000 notes for the week. Justin Bieber, who dips (1-2), maintains a sparsely active account on Vine, which receives 113,493 revines for the week.

The big entry for the week due to this formula change is DeStorm Power, a musician/entertainer who maintains a wildly active presence on Vine and lands at No. 15 on this week’s chart. His six-second routines, which frequently involve a mix of comedy and music, drove more than 607,000 re-Vines during the week.