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Awkward: Vice Editor Not a Big Fan of ‘Scumbag’ Vice Partner Live Nation

Earlier this month Live Nation and Vice Media announced a co-branded site to fill a "big white space" in live music content on the web -- but one of Vice's editors recently took some shots at his…

Earlier this month Live Nation and Vice Media announced a co-branded site to fill a “big white space” in live music content on the web. The news of the currently untitled partnership, due to launch in 2015, is now getting a little added attention after Gawker stumbled upon a months-old, anti-Live Nation blog post by an editor at Vice’s music site Noisey.

Vice + Live Nation Team Up on Joint Digital Content Venture

Writing on his Jaded Punk site back in August, Dan Ozzi probably didn’t know of Vice CEO Shane Smith‘s big plans when he called Michael Rapino‘s Live Nation a “gigantic, dickbag corporation intent on monopolizing music” not to mention an “out-of-control money-grubbing scumbag.” To be clear, Ozzi’s post was reacting to a survey showing a majority of the most popular club venues in the U.S. are Live Nation-owned, and not targeting any void in live music digital content.

Ozzi closes his Jaded Punk post with a call-to-arms against the live music giant, urging bands and fans to stand up. “If you are in a band, book your tours at independently operated venues,” he writes. “Tell your booking agent you don’t want to give Live Nation business. Book shows in basements and libraries and in the back of bowling alleys if you can. And if you’re just a regular ol’ concert-goer, don’t buy Live Nation/Ticketmaster’s fee-heavy tickets and make an effort to avoid their locations whenever possible.”

Avoiding specific live venues is simple. What may not be avoidable are future awkward moments for Ozzi as the LN/Vice content will not only live on the co-branded site, but also on Vice’s various web platforms, like Noisey.

Read more about the Live Nation/Vice deal and check out the Jaded Punk post.