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Comparing VIP Vegas Packages, From $30,000 Champagne Parades to $499 Souvenir Chairs

From George Strait to Lil Jon to Kelly Clarkson, a comparison of six VIP packages available to deep-pocketed music lovers in Vegas

VIP bottle service still powers Las Vegas nightclubs, even as insiders report table spends overall have declined. The minimum spend required to secure a VIP table starts at $2,000 and can escalate to well over $10,000 depending on the day of the week, holidays, citywide conventions and events, the location of the table and the night’s headliner. DJ residents agree to a yearly “blended fee” that accounts for both peak and off-peak nights, while an elite few can negotiate additional bonuses based on food and beverage sales, according to multiple sources. 

Nightly splits between VIP sales and general admission tickets also vary. A headliner with radio hits is more likely to fill tables, while DJs with dedicated hard ticket followings are more apt to draw GA crowd. 

In a leaner market, Las Vegas operators are getting creative about securing the VIP dollar, as these packages prove.