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Gary Vaynerchuk Joins Forces With Guy Oseary for Digital Marketing Collaboration: Exclusive

One of the biggest managers in music is joining forces with one the best-known voices in branding, digital marketing and developing audiences through social media.

One of the biggest managers in music is joining forces with one the best-known voices in branding, digital marketing and audience development to change the way artists and brands collaborate.

Guy Oseary‘s Maverick Management is teaming up with Gary Vaynerchuk’s communications firm VaynerMedia to create the Vayner/Maverick Music Content Project. The joint venture will connect Maverick’s large roster of artists with VaynerMedia’s digital creative and production teams to build artist-driven content programs and partnerships for brands. 

“Gary is one of a very few pioneers who understood the power of voice within social media and since then I’ve watched Gary build an empire with Vayner Media,” Oseary tells Billboard. “Maverick Music Management has an ability to have a massive digital influence and we are excited to work with Gary and his team to help our artists find opportunities to reach their potential.”


The Vayner/Maverick Music Content Project will focus on developing long and short-form videos, episodic series and other activations for sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, pairing talent with companies for unique story-telling and collaboration, with Vaynerchuk describing an artist’s reach and fame as “the ultimate arbitrage in our society.”

“Music is culture,” Vaynerchuk tells Billboard. “Music just doesn’t bring artists fame, it gives them an emotional connection with their fans. And for brands, music invokes emotion and reaction — music and artists give brands a two for one deal.”

Vaynerchuk says the new initiative stands out because it focuses on “empathy for both the artist and the brand” which “leads to more authentic outcomes and initiatives.” While the project will be open to all artists in music, the majority of the work will be with Maverick artists.

“From ideation and strategy to the output of original content, we are a top creative and production firm when it comes to the content that lives in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and native” platforms, he explains. Since forming in 2009, VaynerMedia has grown to more than 800 employees spread out over four offices. “It’s been hyper-growth,” explains Vaynerchuk, who started as a wine critic and author before developing his large branding firm.


Besides developing content, the Vayner/Maverick Music Content Project will focus on analyzing fan data and platform preference for artists while developing content specific to an artist’s audience. 

“We are practitioners of digital marketing and so we know how to analyze big data probably better than a lot of entities,” Vaynerchuk says, “And so if you’re Pizza Hut and you’re trying to reach a certain demo, we feel like we have the ability to give you insight on which emerging artists or traditional artists you should consider for this content. That’s an advantage.”

There’s also early plans to develop a series that could follow artists during pre-show rituals, or track artists as they surprise fans with special experiences. There’s also plans to develop mobile apps, games and even tie-ins to voice-assisted devices like Amazon’s Echo.

“The traditional gatekeepers are no longer the only way to reach an audience,” Oseary says. “Digital platforms now put artists in a position to have a vision and say in their own digital distribution as they build partnered campaigns with today’s biggest brands. People want authenticity, and there’s no better way to achieve that than to deal directly with the artists.”