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Universal Music Group Launches Centralized Analytics Tool for Artists’ Streaming & Social Data

Universal Music Group has launched a new app on iOS and Android called Universal Music Artists that will provide streaming and social analytics to its artists and their management teams all in one…

Universal Music Group has launched a new app on iOS and Android called Universal Music Artists (UMA for short) that will provide analytics to its artists and their management teams from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and YouTube, as well as social insights Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in one place. UMG says analytics from Deezer will be added in 2020.

The goal of the app is to allow UMG artists to have a single app they can refer to when they want to look at their analytics, instead of having to bounce between multiple dashboards from the aforementioned services. 

UMA will allow artists and their teams to view an artist dashboard that displays total audience, total streams, and can spotlight songs and videos for more detailed breakdowns. The music tab will show the performance of an artists top 40 songs, which can be viewed by platform, globally, and by country; the music tab will also show views of YouTube videos, also globally and on a per country basis. 


Artists will be able to look at their listeners and streams over time on each platform in the audience tab, as well as view demographic breakdowns of their audience, measure engagement on streams, and view their top streaming platforms. UMA will update every 30 minutes and has the ability to send push notifications as songs are added to a top global playlist in real-time. For social media networks, UMA will track followers, interactions like comments, retweets, likes, and shares, and allow artists to view which platform is doing the best for them based on those interactions.

“It’s great to have a comprehensive analytical tool like UMA to access real-time data and be able to make decisions with the most up to date information,” said Andrew Gertler, Shawn Mendes’ manager, in a statement. “We’ve always taken a holistic approach to the success of Shawn’s music, which means ensuring everything across all platforms is working in sync and watching how fans interact with music across all the major touchpoints including streaming, video and socials. This is all really only possible with innovative tools like this.”

UMG says it will continue to improve the app, with plans to add “enhanced” benchmarks and insights in 2020, along with the Deezer integration. UMA is available to download today, and UMG artists and their managers can request access from their label representative.