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UMG Partners with Science Fictional Ad Placement Company Mirriad and Havas Agency

Universal Music Group artists have a new way to make money from their music videos following a three-way pact between the label, in-video advertising company Mirriad and global ad agency Havas.

With the deal, Mirriad will use its digital product placement technology to offer Havas clients, which include LVMH, Dish Network and Coca-Cola, opportunities to advertise inside UMG-family music videos. The companies announced the partnership, a first in the fledgling in-video advertising market, on Monday morning.

Mirriad scans existing videos for surfaces, like bare brick walls, empty billboards and plain drinking mugs, and is able integrate branded assets such as images, video and actual products. Havas client Grand Marnier has already purchased space in videos by Far East Movement (“Rocketeer”) and Avicii (“Lay Me Down” and “You Make Me”), and a Mirriad rep tells Billboard a pair of Darius Rucker videos will also be part of the campaign.

The deal follows Mirriad’s pact with Vevo in May that kicked-off with retroactive ad placements inside Aloe Blacc‘s video for “The Man.” Mirriad has had success in markets like the U.K. and India, inserting its “native” ads into syndicated television dramas like “CSI” and “Bones.”

The Mirriad/Havas/UMG pact will allow for multi-title campaigns inside music videos that air on TV, online and mobile. Content creators will have the final say over brand integrations, promised Mirriad CEO Mark Popkiewicz

Mirriad’s in-video product placement will of course open up a new revenue streams to UMG and its artists, says Lucian Grange, chairman and CEO of UMG. “With Mirriad’s highly customizable platform, we have the ability to insure that artists’ and brands’ interests are aligned while we remain focused on presenting fans with the most compelling music experience possible,” said Grange.

Yannick Bolloré, chairman and CEO of the Havas Group, sees the partnership as a way to help brands build better relationships with consumers. “Mirriad will make it possible for us to create a more authentic, logical and in-context connection with our clients and audiences that have insatiable appetites for content across multiple screens.”

Still to come from Mirriad are the even-more-futuristic contextual, on-the-fly placements it estimate will be ready by the end of the year. What that means is a view in Boise could see local ads on the same surface as Drunkin’ Donuts’ placement for New Yorkers (if they can afford it).

Check out a before-and-after from Avicii’s “You Make Me”:

UMG Partners with Science Fictional Ad