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UMPG Expands Global Partnership With Disney Music Publishing

The Universal Music Publishing Group has expanded its agreement to handle Disney Music Publishing to administering the latter's catalog in the United Kingdom, Ireland, continental Europe, as well as Israel and countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Previously, UMPG handled and retains Disney Music Publishing in Southeast Asia, and many territories in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. 

"We are thrilled to expand our relationship with UMPG into Europe and beyond," Disney Music Group president Ken Bunt said in a statement. "Their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit make for the perfect match for Disney Music Publishing."

Since 2004, UMPG has been serving as sub-publisher for the Disney Music Publishing catalog in Southeast Asia; and in 2015, UMPG's representation added responsibility for the catalog in Latin America (excluding Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay), and various countries in the Middle East, North Africa, East Africa and the Caribbean. In 2016, the relationship was enhanced yet again to include South Africa and additional African countries.

"Disney is home to one of the most iconic catalogs in history, one that spans cultures, generations and genres," UMPG CEO and global chairman Jody Gerson said in a statement. "We are honored to expand our global collaboration with Disney and we look forward to developing outstanding creative opportunities that build on the company's outstanding legacy."


In another deal, UMPG through Aftercluv Dancelab dance label, has signed an exclusive publishing agreement with Brazilian artist Bruno Martini, who, according to UMPG, is the second most streamed artist in South America.

"Bruno Martini is showing that he's a proven talent, even in the early stages of a promising career that has positioned him as a rising star on the global music scene," UMPG Latin Music executive vp Alexandra Lioutikoff. "UMP Brazil MD Marcelo Falcão and the UMP Latin team are thrilled to welcome Bruno to our family of songwriters and look forward to his continued success."

For his part, Martini says the new relationship with UMPG will open a "lot of opportunities for me as a writer and producer, including working with a range of different artists. This is a huge moment in my career," he added.


In yet another move, UMPG signed country music songwriter Derrick Southerland to a global music publishing deal, Southerland has written or co-written songs for Carrie Underwood, Tim Hicks, and the Swon Brothers, among others. The deal was led by UMPG Nashville's senior creative director Missy Roberts.

"An exciting addition to our UMPG Nashville roster, Derrick is a wonderfully gifted songwriter with a talent for collaborating with writers across genres to create hits," UMPG Nashville evp/gm Kent Earls said in a statement. "Between his work ethic and lyrical sensibilities, we are honored that he has joined us and look forward to his future success."