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TWICE Hit New Highs on World Albums, World Digital Songs & YouTube Charts Thanks to ‘TT’

TWICE's new single "TT" is named after the emoticon used to represent a stream of tears, but the quickly rising girl group have nothing to cry about with their latest release.

TWICE‘s new single “TT” is named after the emoticon used to represent a stream of tears, but the girl group have nothing to cry about with their latest release.

“TT” is the lead single off the quickly rising outfit’s new TWICEcoaster: Lane1 EP with the group’s comeback sending TWICE to new heights on multiple Billboard charts this week.


TWICEcoaster debuts at No. 3 on Billboard‘s World Albums chart, giving the nine-member group their highest-charting release on the tally to date and first Top 5 entry. The group moved about 1,000 units, as did fellow K-pop act BTS with their Wings album (No. 2), with BTS just slightly ahead of TWICE this week. Despite just recently celebrating their one-year anniversary late last month, the ninesome has already sent three EPs to the ranking, including The Story Begins (which peaked at No. 15 in January 2016) and Page Two (which hit No. 6 in May). 

The ladies also earn their highest marks on the World Digital Songs chart where “TT” debuts at No. 2 making it the best-selling K-pop song in America this week. The only other entry TWICE landed on the list so far was “Cheer Up,” which peaked at No. 3 in May.

But perhaps most notably, TWICE makes a rare appearance for K-pop acts on the YouTube Chart where “TT” enters at No. 7 as the highest debut of the week.

The YouTube chart — which ranks the most popular songs in America on the platform — does not see many K-pop acts on its ranking. In fact, TWICE is the only act to send an entry on the list in 2016, which includes when they sent their “Cheer Up” video to No. 25 in May. Meanwhile, the “TT” video has earned a remarkable amount of views on YouTube since it’s Oct. 23 premiere, boasting more than 32 million views as of press time — which still averages to about three million views a day.


Despite a somewhat slow start when they first debuted in October 2015, TWICE has become one of the leading girl groups in the K-pop scene and their latest chart performances only confirm bigger things to come from the exciting newcomers. Watch TWICE bring “TT” to life below: