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TuneCore Expands To Germany

Digital music distributor TuneCore launched in Germany on Wednesday (Apr. 6), allowing German-based artists to collect songwriter royalties and revenue from streaming services, as well as digital…

Digital music distribution and publishing administration provider TuneCore launched its latest international edition on Wednesday (Apr. 6) with TuneCore Germany. The site will allow German-based artists to collect songwriter royalties, revenue from streaming services, digital download stores and sync licensing opportunities in their own currency and language.  The German outlet is the fifth global expansion for the Brooklyn-based service, which already has services in the U.K., Australia, Japan and Canada.


The site will also feature local content that focuses on Germany’s independent artist community, according to a release announcing the expansion. Artists in Germany can now include their music in storefronts from global digital partners including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer and local German stores such as Musicload, Juke! and Buecher.de. 

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German users will also have access to TuneCore’s customer support and its suite of artist support services including the YouTube Sound Recording Revenue collection service, LANDR and TuneCore Fan Reviews. “With the ever-changing nature of the music industry, we believe that transparency and durability are essential values for growing our company and enhancing our artist services,” said TuneCore CEO Scott Ackerman in a statement.

“Our global expansion into Germany not only allows us to further our mission to bring more music to more people around the world, but also upholds our goal of supporting our artists at the local level, in the best way possible. We’re confident that this expansion will further solidify TuneCore’s position as a leader in international digital music distribution.”?