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Here Are 2019’s Most Popular K-Pop Groups, According to Tumblr

K-pop had a big year on Tumblr in 2019, with BTS, Stray Kids, & EXO among the most popular acts on the platform.

Tumblr revealed its Year in Review today (Dec. 2), and unveiled two rankings associated with the K-pop world, sharing which were the most popular group and individuals coming out of the K-pop world on the site throughout the last year. 

To the surprise of nobody, BTS was the most buzzed about K-pop act on the site, and each of its seven members were the most talked about K-pop stars. Stray Kids, EXO, Monsta X, NCT 127, and their associated members were also among some of the most popular K-pop act on the site. BTS is the overall second-most interacted with entity on Tumblr in 2019, second only to Good Omens. 

The top K-pop star on Tumblr in 2019 was BTS’ youngest member Jungkook, followed by Jimin, V, Suga, RM, Jin, and J-Hope, respectively. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, EXO’s Baekhyun, and NCT 127’s Jaehyun rounded out the top 10. Jennie of BLACKPINK, ranked at No. 27, is the most-talked about female K-pop star. BLACKPINK was the seventh most popular K-pop group on the site this year.

“There are five women in the top 50, three members of BLACKPINK and three members of Red Velvet,” says Amanda Brennan, head of Content Insights & Social at Tumblr, who then referred to BLACKPINK’s performance at Coachella and tours from both acts as potential reasons behind the surge. “Even though the conversation can be dominated by boy groups, and boy groups tend to do more interviews in the U.S. than girl groups, I think girl groups are really having a moment and finding their fans when it may be a bit harder for them. We found 19 total women in the top 100, and I hope there are more next year.” Last year, only TWICE’s Momo appeared in Tumblr’s Top 100 ranking of individual K-pop stars. 


Stray Kids’ rise to the second biggest act on the site reflects a trend among Tumblr’s users that Brennan says reflects their love of rookie K-pop acts, pointing to how ATEEZ, which debuted this year, ranked at No. 9, and other newer teams like The Boyz, ITZY, SuperM, Tomorrow X Together, and others made it among the ranking. “When it comes to finding new groups, Tumblr’s ahead of the curve,” she says. “You find your group, and they become your babies. You love them and support them.” 

Though the data is gathered from Tumblr’s global audience, the fact that the site is an English-language site based in the U.S. reflects American trends particularly, and Brennan says that many of the groups gained traction when they toured or appeared in the U.S. Other factors, such as legal issues and departures from groups, also were reflected, as Tumblr does not take into account the way people engage with content on the site in its ranking. As such, someone like Seungri, who left BIGBANG after coming under investigation for a series of criminal allegations, appears on the list. 

“K-pop is in Tumblr’s DNA,” says Brennan. “It gets bigger and bigger every year. K-pop is finding a massive home here. People talk about it on the same engagement volume as American music.” 

Check out Tumblr’s Top 100 K-Pop Stars & Top 50 K-Pop Groups rankings below:

Top 50 K-Pop Groups

  1. BTS

  2. Stray Kids

  3. EXO

  4. Monsta X

  5. NCT 127



  8. GOT7

  9. ATEEZ (New)

  10. NCT Dream

  11. TWICE

  12. SHINee

  13. LOO??

  14. DAY6

  15. Mamamoo

  16. iKON

  17. The Boyz (New)

  18. ITZY (New)

  19. Dreamcatcher (New)

  20. VIXX

  21. Sunmi (New)

  22. Super Junior

  23. SuperM (New)

  24. X1 (New)

  25. Chung Ha (New)

  26. Tomorrow x Together (New)

  27. GFriend

  28. HyunA

  29. Girls’ Generation

  30. B.A.P


  32. EXID

  33. IU (New)

  34. A.C.E

  35. WINNER (New)

  36. IZ*ONE (New)

  37. f(x) (New)

  38. Wanna One

  39. Everglow (New)

  40. OneUs (New)

  41. Cosmic Girls (New)

  42. KARD (New)

  43. NU’EST (New)

  44. TVXQ (New)

  45. (G)I-DLE (New)

  46. Momoland (New)

  47. BtoB

  48. 2NE1 (New)

  49. INFINITE (New)

  50. OH MY GIRL

Top 100 K-Pop Stars

  1. Jungkook of BTS

  2. Jimin of BTS

  3. V of BTS

  4. Suga of BTS

  5. RM of BTS

  6. Jin of BTS

  7. J-Hope of BTS

  8. Bang Chan of Stray Kids

  9. Baekhyun of EXO

  10. Jaehyun of NCT

  11. Taeyong of NCT (New)

  12. Taemin of SHINee (New)

  13. Chanyeol of EXO

  14. Kai of EXO

  15. Haechan of NCT

  16. Wonho of Monsta X

  17. Sehun of EXO

  18. Hyunjin of Stray Kids

  19. Han of Stray Kids

  20. Jaemin of NCT Dream

  21. Mark of NCT

  22. Jeno of NCT Dream

  23. Lucas of NCT U

  24. Johnny of NCT (New)

  25. Doyoung of NCT

  26. Felix of Stray Kids

  27. Jennie of BLACKPINK (New)

  28. Yuta of NCT

  29. Ten of NCT (New)

  30. Renjun of NCT

  31. Jackson of GOT7

  32. Lee Know of Stray Kids (New)

  33. Changbin of Stray Kids (New)

  34. Suho of EXO

  35. Lisa of BLACKPINK (New)

  36. Xiumin of EXO

  37. WinWin of NCT

  38. Jooheon of Monsta X

  39. Jungwoo of NCT

  40. Shownu of Monsta X

  41. Irene of Red Velvet (New)

  42. Chen of EXO

  43. Kihyun of Monsta X

  44. Jisoo of BLACKPINK (New)

  45. Minho of SHINee (New)

  46. Seulgi of Red Velvet (New)

  47. Kun of NCT (New)

  48. Jonghyun of SHINee (New)

  49. Jaebum of GOT7

  50. I.N of Stray Kids (New)

  51. Hyungwon of Monsta X

  52. Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN

  53. Mingyu of SEVENTEEN

  54. Seungmin of Stray Kids (New)

  55. Taeil of NCT (New)

  56. Key of SHINee (New)

  57. Chenle of NCT

  58. Joy of Red Velvet (New)

  59. Minhyuk of Monsta X

  60. I.M of Monsta X (New)

  61. Momo of TWICE

  62. Wonwoo of SEVENTEEN

  63. Woozi of SEVENTEEN

  64. Mark of GOT7

  65. Vernon of SEVENTEEN

  66. Woojin of Stray Kids (New)

  67. Hoshi of SEVENTEEN

  68. Jinyoung of GOT7 (New)

  69. Seonghwa of ATEEZ (New)

  70. Yugyeom of GOT7 (New)

  71. Hongjoong of ATEEZ (New)

  72. Sana of TWICE (New)

  73. Yeri of Red Velvet (New)

  74. Seungri of BIGBANG (New)

  75. Joshua of SEVENTEEN (New)

  76. San of ATEEZ (New)

  77. Moonbyul of Mamamoo (New)

  78. Onew of SHINee

  79. The8 of SEVENTEEN (New)

  80. Jun of SEVENTEEN (New)

  81. BamBam of GOT7

  82. Yeonjun of Tomorrow X Together (New)

  83. Mina of TWICE (New)

  84. Nayeon of TWICE (New)

  85. Wooyoung of ATEEZ (New)

  86. Hwasa of Mamamoo (New)

  87. Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN

  88. Jihyo of TWICE (New)

  89. Tzuyu of TWICE (New)

  90. Chaeyoung of TWICE (New)

  91. Dino of SEVENTEEN (New)

  92. Yunho of ATEEZ (New)

  93. Yeosang of ATEEZ (New)

  94. Soobin of Tomorrow X Together (New)

  95. Mingi of ATEEZ (New)

  96. Solar of Mamamoo (New)

  97. S.Coups of SEVENTEEN (New)

  98. Wendy of Red Velvet (New)

  99. Youngjae of GOT7 (New)

  100. Dahyun of TWICE (New)