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Troy Ave Officially Pleads Not Guilty to Attempted Murder, Bail Hearing Date Set

Troy Ave appeared in court today to plead not guilty after his indictment for attempted murder, with a bail hearing now scheduled for July 1.

Shortly after 12:15 p.m. ET on Wednesday (June 22), Troy Ave was wheeled into a Manhattan courtroom for his first public appearance since being arraigned on attempted murder charges on Memorial Day (May 31). After being read the indictment handed down by the District Attorney’s office — one count of second degree attempted murder and three counts of second degree criminal possession of a weapon — he officially pleaded not guilty.

Troy, real name Roland Collins, was still in a wheelchair due to injuries to both legs sustained in the shooting at Irving Plaza in Manhattan on May 25, with his lawyer John Stella confirming a bullet had entered and exited his right leg, and a bullet entered his left leg and lodged in his knee. It was unclear if the wounds were from the same gunshot. The injuries meant he was led into Judge Ronald A. Zweibel’s court room by a police officer, wearing sandals over his feet and a white collared shirt over black pants. Stoic throughout, the rapper managed a wave for family and friends seated at the back of the full room.


The indictment stems from an incident at a T.I.-headlined concert in which one man, Troy’s bodyguard Roland “Banga” McPhatter, was killed, and three others, including Troy, were wounded. The shooting began in the venue’s green room and spilled out onto a balcony, where security footage released by the NYPD appeared to show Troy walking with a bloodied leg and firing a shot. The rapper was arrested on May 26 and has been held at Rikers Island since.

Assistant District Attorney Christine Keenan announced to the court that Troy would also be charged for two additional guns that were found in the car that drove him to NYU Langone hospital the night of the shooting. Police found a gun that matched ballistics recovered at the scene, as well as the two additional guns, in a “secret compartment” within the vehicle.

However, Keenan also clarified for the court that the charges within the current indictment against Troy stemmed from the incident that occurred on the balcony; what happened prior to that in the green room, during which the initial shots were fired, is still under investigation. So far, no further arrests have been made.

“He was not responsible for anything in the green room,” Stella told reporters after the short hearing, stressing that Troy has no criminal record and that this incident was his “first significant scrape” with authorities. “There was a struggle that happened in that green room, and a lot of confusion.”

Troy’s other attorney, Scott Leemon, confirmed that he and Stella requested bail for the rapper, who has so far been remanded without bail. “We made a bail proposal to the District Attorney and we need to provide them with additional documents,” Leemon said. Troy’s next hearing about that bail application will be July 1. Following that, defense motions are due by July 14, and the prosecution has until Aug. 4 to respond.

“This is a case where [Troy] was a victim,” Leemon said, echoing previous statements, “And he should be let out on bail and treated like a victim.”