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Triller Teams With VersusGame & Maxim to Give Away $1M in Prediction Contest Hosted By 24KGoldn and Murda Beatz

This weekend, sports and entertainment fans have the chance to win $1 million by correctly predicting outcomes with the predictions app VersusGame in a contest co-hosted by 24KGoldn and Murda Beatz…

This weekend, sports and entertainment fans have the chance to win $1 million by correctly predicting outcomes with the predictions app VersusGame in a contest co-hosted by 24KGoldn and Murda Beatz on Triller.

The event is a joint partnership between Triller, Maxim and VersusGame, which lets players make predictions about brands, celebrities, musicians, movies, athletes and more for cash prizes.

The games begin today (Feb. 4), when VersusGame will launch its first question live on Triller. Two more questions will come on Friday and Saturday. Each point players receive equals one entry in the random selection process to determine the three finalists, who will be announced at 5:00 p.m. ET on Super Bowl Sunday.


After that, “Mood” rapper 24kGoldn and Murda Beatz will ask those three finalists 10 more questions live on Triller, and only one of them will become a millionaire, with the winner announced at the conclusion of the Super Bowl. The winner and two finalists will also be featured on “I attribute all of my success to my incredible fans,” 24kGoldn said. “Getting the opportunity to give back to them in a big way while having some fun is a total win-win.”

“As we were preparing our spot for the Super Bowl, we realized the best thing we can do is use our resources and community and reward them and thank them for their support,” added Triller executive chair Bobby Sarnevesht. “We are thrilled to have partnered with the iconic Maxim and VersusGame to bring this Super Bowl contest to life. To our users — we are listening, and we want to elevate your voices, your art and continue to provide a place where you do you.”

For Triller and VersusGame, the event is an opportunity to both participate in one of the year’s biggest cultural events — the Super Bowl — while also incentivizing app downloads. Players must have both apps to participate, and in addition to accumulating 1 point each time they play a game, they receive another point each time they get a question correct, get a friend to play and get a friend to download Triller.


“2020 hit us all hard and it’s about time someone comes out on top,” VersusGame CEO John Vitti added. “This partnership allows us to give back while leveling the playing field where anyone can win. We are so excited to be able to literally change someone’s life on Sunday.”

Since its launch in January 2019, VersusGame has acquired more than 6 million users, given away more than $10.5 million and secured investments from Scooter Braun‘s Ithaca Holdings, Tinder founder Sean Rad and Raised in Space, the music-tech investment firm co-founded by Shara Senderoff and Zach Katz.

VersusGame’s pitch for the music industry is that it allows artists to monetize their highly opinionated fanbases: Artists create games on the app based around questions (for example: “Who will win best new artist at the Grammy Awards?”), and fans bet money on their predictions. Fans win money for being right, and the artist takes a share of the pot as well. According to VersusGame, rapper Fat Joe brings in five figures on every game he creates.

“Everything looks a little different this year,” shared Maxim senior vp Susan Kilkenny. “We are super excited to partner with Triller and VersusGame to deliver a fun, safe, inclusive experience this year. It’s amazing to have 24kGoldn and Murda Beatz participate in this challenge, inviting millions of fans to enter to win a massive payday.”

Added Murda Beatz: “If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we all have to band together and spread love. It’s incredible that Maxim, Triller and Versus Game are bringing some fun and light to the world and I can’t wait to see who wins!”