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Tomorrow X Together Become Fastest K-Pop Act to Top World Albums & World Digital Song Sales Charts

Tomorrow X Together's first appearances on the Billboard charts with "Crown" and debut EP 'The Dream Chapter: Star' are already setting history and they're doing so in record-breaking time.

From their debut on the Billboard 200 to a slew of No. 1 positions, Tomorrow X Together’s first appearances on the Billboard charts are already making history and doing so in record-breaking time.

With the release of both their debut EP The Dream Chapter: Star and its lead single “Crown,” Tomorrow X Together top both the World Albums and World Digital Song Sales charts in the quickest time for a K-pop group yet. With the group’s official debut taking place on March 4, 2019, and the charts where they hit No. 1 dated as March 16, 2019, there were just 12 days from the band’s debut to becoming a chart-topper.


On the World Albums tally, the TXT boys break a nearly five-year record held by fellow boy band WINNER. The group had earned their first No. 1 with their 2014 S/S full-length album on Aug. 30, 2014, just 13 days after their debut Aug. 17, 2014 debut date. Boy bands hold the top 5 spots when it comes to shortest spans from debut to chart-topper, followed by GOT7‘s 2014 debut with their Got It? EP, while Seventeen and NCT 127 hit the top spot with their respective second releases. See the full ranking below.

Artist, Album Title – Time from debut to No. 1 position

1. Tomorrow X Together, The Dream Chapter: Star – 12 days
2. WINNER, 2014 S/S – 13 days
3. GOT7, Got It? – 19 days
4. Seventeen, Boys Be – 4 months, 14 days
5. NCT 127, Limitless – 6 months, 21 days

Meanwhile on World Digital Songs, Tomorrow X Together also earn the fastest amount time to hit No. 1 from debut. “Crown” breaks the nearly two-year-old record held by BLACKPINK with their single “Boombayah” when it topped the chart dated Aug. 27, 2016, which marked 21 days after their Aug. 6 debut. Girl groups make up a majority of the list with (G)I-DLE’s “Pop/Stars” hitting No. 1 nearly a half year after their debut. The next fastest run to the top comes from TWICE with their sixth Korean single “Likey” more than two years after debut. Late last year, NCT 127 also topped the chart with “Simon Says” which made them the fastest K-pop boy band to top the chart at the time. See the full ranking below.

Artist, Single Title – Time from debut to No. 1 position

1. Tomorrow X Together, “Crown” – 12 days
2. BLACKPINK, “Boombayah” – 21 days
3. (G)I-DLE, “Pop/Stars” (KDA With Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE & Jaira Burns) – 6 months, 15 days
4. TWICE, “Likey” – 2 years, 28 days
5. NCT 127, “Simon Says” – 2 years, 5 months, 1 day

It should be noted that, historically, time lengths between album releases and when charts are dated have varied throughout Billboard history, most notably when the chart dates shifted to align closer with release week at the top of 2018. The numbers reflected above are based solely off debut dates and chart dates.