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Timbaland Teams With TIMEPieces as NFT Artist in Residence

The collaboration marks the TIME web3 initiative's first foray into music.

Grammy-winning producer, entrepreneur and tech CEO Timbaland has teamed up with TIMEPieces, the Web3 community initiative from TIME, to launch his latest NFT collection. The collection, which is TIMEPieces’ first foray into music NFTs, features an original beat from Timbaland interpreted into visual video art by 14 different artists.

TIMEPieces x Timbaland: The Beatclub Collection will feature a total of 252 pieces, with unique videos inspired by and integrating a beat from Timbaland and his platform Beatclub. Each NFT will also include a pack of 10 sounds from Beatclub, Timbaland’s online global marketplace for music makers which launched in 2021. Beatclub, which allows members to use beats by Timbaland and others on the platform to make their own mixes, entered the Web3 space in August 2021 when it partnered with fintech company Horizon Fintex to bring regulated trading opportunities to fans.


NFTs are an authenticated form of digital ownership that are traceable and verifiable on the blockchain. They exist under a scarcity model, similar to trading cards or other collectibles, which influences their value. NFT sales peaked in January 2022.

Music NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, with A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop Dogg, Ashanti, The Weeknd and Kings of Leon all entering the space in a variety of ways, including with special releases of albums, unique artwork or collectible tickets to in-person or metaverse events. NFTs can also serve as a membership card to a club of sorts – as is the case with Bored Ape Yacht Club – allowing artists to connect with fans on a different and more intimate level.

TIMEPieces x Timbaland: The Beatclub Collection NFT holders will be able to share mixes of the beats they’ve received (both the NFT and the extra 10 sounds on Beatclub, which allows creators to keep the rights to their unique uploads and revenue while connecting them with industry professionals. Music uploaded to Beatclub (from both users and industry professionals) is available to purchase via sublicense, so the originator can continue to receive royalties. Music NFTs provide artists with the opportunity to retain their royalties, which could give smaller artists the freedom to pursue their careers more seriously than they might have otherwise been able.

“I am excited to collaborate with TIMEPieces and so many distinct visual artists to bring more exposure to the power of creativity with music in NFTs, and to include Beatclub in the process,” said Timbaland in a statement. “The timing couldn’t be better with our Beatclub NFT portal going live in the coming weeks for creators globally to collaborate.”

TIMEPieces’ genesis collection was launched in September 2021 with works from over 40 global artists from multiple disciplines. Since, they’ve released three other collections, including Long Neckie Women of the Year from their first artist in residence, Nyla Hayes.

Timbaland, long known for being a disruptor in the music industry, released his first NFT collection in November 2021 which featured stems, hooks and beats from his forthcoming final album, Opera Noir. In late 2021 he also launched Ape-In Productions, an entertainment company and virtual community that will promote Bored Apes (from Bored Ape Yacht Club) as music artists in the metaverse.

“Timbaland is widely recognized for pushing music and culture forward,” added Keith A. Grossman, TIME president. “As we embark on our first true music NFT experience at TIMEPieces, his leadership as a creator and the great work he is doing with Beatclub made him the perfect partner to pair with artists who could provide their diverse interpretations of his exclusive beat.”

TIMEPieces x Timbaland: The Beatclub Collection drops at the end of April at nft.time.com for 0.2ETH plus gas.