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TikTok’s New All-Spanish Sounds Page Is A ‘Destination for Latinx Music & Artists’

TikTok has officially launched a Spanish Sounds Page dedicated to Spanish-speaking users in the U.S.

Accessible to all users in the U.S. who have their mobile OS or TikTok app language settings set to Spanish, the library will feature a variety of playlists including TikTok Viral, Artistas en Ascenso, Latinx: Mujeres, Tropical, Latin Indie, Bachata, TikTok Baile, Regional Mexicano, Orgullo (LGBTQIA+) and more.

Further proving TikTok’s continued commitment to Latinx music, culture, artists, creators and community, the library “will be a premier destination for Latinx music and artists on TikTok to reach Spanish-speaking users in the US in a meaningful way,” according to an official statement.

Monsieur Periné, whose “Nuestra Canción” has gone viral on the app, said: “It has been incredible to see how millions of people around the world connected organically with ‘Nuestra Canción’ and our music. We have received a lot of love for each video, song, and experience that you share with us. The spontaneity of what happens on TikTok is as powerful as the real connection in a show – it crosses cultures, generations and connects with the hearts of the people who want to share.”

Colombian artist J Balvin, who’s also active on the app, expressed, “I’m so grateful to TikTok for consistently supporting me and helping spread Latin culture across the globe. From my TikTok LIVE performance this fall to being the first artist to have their own playlist on the platform, they’ve been such great partners in my effort to continue to push Latin culture forward and I appreciate them being willing to take this journey with me.”

Additionally, and aligned with the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards this week, TikTok curated playlists featuring all nominees across the big four categories: record of the year, album of the year, song of the year and best new artist. The awards-related playlists will be featured in the main section of the Spanish Sounds Page alongside 15 other playlists that range from reggaeton to regional Mexican to Latin pop.

The 22nd annual Latin Grammy Awards will air live Thursday (Nov. 18) on Univision from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.