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TIDAL Is Offering Full Access to Platform for 12 Days in Celebration of the New Year

TIDAL will offer potential subscribers free 12-day access to the platform in celebration of the new year.

TIDAL has spent the past year building its relationship with subscribers by providing exclusive content and intimate events, from concerts to listening parties. For the new year, TIDAL is looking to reel in more subscribers with a free, 12-day preview period in celebration of the new year. 

Potential subscribers will have the opportunity to explore the streaming service for 12 days, starting Monday (Dec. 25) and concluding on Jan. 5. TIDAL’s usual trial period requires a credit card; however, for the platform’s new promotion, potential members can gain full access by providing just an email address. 


“Heading into 2018, we’re looking forward to giving TIDAL members more access and a high-quality soundtrack to everyday life,” Tony Gervino, TIDAL’s vice president of culture & content, said in a statement. “We value what music and music culture means to people and trust this preview will give music fans a taste of the elevated music experience that TIDAL is offering its customers.”

For the 12-day trial period, TIDAL will unveil exclusive content each day starting with a new Rap Radar podcast with Nipsey Hussle, and will continue to churn out new content including artist-curated playlists, music videos, documentaries, and new content for its original series’ as well as ticket giveaways for upcoming events.  

Prospective members can sign up here