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The Weeknd Is Reportedly Fighting for ‘Starboy’ Trademark

The Weeknd has filed a lawsuit against a real-estate agent who is attempting to trademark 'Starboy' for his own creative projects, according to TMZ.

Throughout The Weeknd‘s dark-themed music we discover the personal battles he’s had to combat during his career. On Sunday (April 1), TMZ learned of the ongoing legal battle the 28-year-old is fighting for the trademark to the name of his Grammy-winning album, Starboy.

According to the report, a realtor named Eymun Talasazan shadily filed for the “Starboy” trademark for his creative projects shortly after Abel dropped his acclaimed album in 2016. The Toronto singer’s lawyers are now aware of Talasazan’s antics and are on the case, as TMZ reports that The Weeknd’s legal team has filed court documents against the real-estate agent. Even just 11 days ago, Talasazan attempted to copyright comic books after Tesfaye’s comic collaboration with Marvel received a June release date.


This isn’t Talasazan’s first brush with trademark and copyright issues, as he’s tried to ride the success of other musician’s popular taglines to a paycheck after filing to trademark “Straight Outta Bombton” and “Runnin’ Through the 6” in the past. 

Billboard has reached out to The Weeknd’s reps for comment.