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The Smiths Have an Official Twitter, But That Doesn’t Mean Morrissey OK’d It

The Smiths joined Twitter on Tuesday, but not with Morrissey's permission.

The Smiths joined Twitter on Tuesday, but not with Morrissey‘s permission. 

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Billboard has confirmed the the iconic rock band’s new Twitter account is official, but it was created by the band’s label Warner UK and not any of its former members. 

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A post on the official Morrissey fan site True to You distanced the singer from the account, stating, “Morrissey would like to stress that this account has not been sanctioned by him and has no connection to him. Follow it at your peril.”

As well, perhaps in response, the Smiths’ “Official Twitter” posted on Wednesday (April 6) to clarify the account’s intent — “to celebrate the history and the music of The Smiths.”