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When This Is All Over: 12 Famous Teens on Who They Want to See Live in Concert First

We asked some of our favorite teenaged artists, gamers and entertainers about their live show dreams once concerts are back on.

When This Is All Over is a new Billboard series where we ask folks to weigh in on an optimistic topic — basically, looking ahead to life after quarantine.

The teens shall inherit the earth, and it’s about time someone asked their opinion on this whole thing. For the first installment of When This Is All Over, we asked 12 of our favorite under-20 artists, gamers and entertainers about their live show dreams — once concerts are back on, of course. 

Here’s who they’ll see, what they’ll wear and who they plan to take to that all-important first show.

Bhad Bhabie, rapper

“Young Thug. Because it’s Thug…TF? He’s my favorite artist and I know his shows and new music are gonna be crazy after all this.”

Christian Lalama, singer/multi-instrumentalist

“I can’t wait to see The Weeknd! As a fellow Canadian, he’s someone whose career I look up to, and his new album is [fire emoji].”

Emma Chamberlain, YouTuber

“Once quarantine is over and I’m out of my sweatpant combo — ’cause this is getting old — the first band I’d like to see live would be The Growlers. I would hopefully wear something a little more interesting than this, and it’d be amazing and a dream come true.”


FaZe Jarvis, gamer

“I want to see Lil Uzi Vert with all the boys. I’m ready to just go out and have a good time with all my friends and enjoy being together again.”

Grace VanderWaal, singer-songwriter

“The first artist I want to see live in concert once we are able to is the band Dr. Dog.”

Joshua Bassett, singer/actor

“I’m spending whatever it takes to see Harry Styles live…I probably know his lyrics better than his main demographic and I’m proud of it!”

Mxmtoon, singer/Animal Crossing expert

“The first artist I really want to see when live shows resume is Lizzo! I’ve been trying desperately to see her perform for the last year and I would do anything to witness ‘Jerome’ live.”

NCT Dream, K-pop stars

Haechan: “Shawn Mendes. I also did a cover of ‘If I Can’t Have You,’ and it’s because I really, really like his vocals and songs. I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t go to see him when he was on tour here in Seoul, so the next time I get that opportunity, I’ll definitely be there.”

Jaemin: “Billie Eilish. She’s always been one of my favorite artists. It’d be so awesome to hear her sing at a concert, in person.”

Chenle: “I want to see NCT 127 and SuperM live in concert, and see how these older (sunbae) groups perform and get inspired, and receive that powerful energy from them.”

Jisung: “Coldplay! Since I first started pursuing my dreams as a singer, I listened to a lot of Coldplay. Even now, when I listen to Coldplay, my heart kind of skips a beat. I’d love to see them play live!”

Payton Moormeier, singer-songwriter/viral content creator

“Definitely have to go see Ski Mask the Slump God after quarantine. I have a lot of bottled-up energy from being inside all the time that I need to get out!”