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Stray Kids Merch Guide: 8 Must-Have Items

A list of beloved merchandise released throughout the group's history that you can get your hands on -- if you're lucky.

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K-pop merchandise is one of the most important — and fun — aspects of being part of a fandom, with a group like Stray Kids always producing personalized, meaningful items for fans. From the quintessential items like the group’s official light stick to more subtle jewelry and accessories, this SKZ merch guide can help direct your tastes to some of the group’s most prized possessions — as long as they’re still in stock!


1. Official Light Stick

A group’s official light stick is a must-have item for any K-pop fan. These gorgeous glow sticks automatically identify you as a core member of the fandom, and let you show visual support for the group at concerts or festivals. The compass inside the lightstick is key for Stray Kids, a symbol often mentioned as helping the group along their path.

2. Stray Kids x SKZOO Plush (Original Ver.)

Get your squeeze on with these SKZOO plushies. SKZOO is the brand project introduced by Stray Kids in 2020, where each member has an animal cartoon representing them. If you want to get one, pay attention to the on-sale dates and times: these stuffed animals are constantly in high demand.

3. Stray Kids x SKZOO Acrylic Stand

Decorate your nightstand, workspace or desk with these acrylic stands that feature a Stray Kids member and their SKZOO avatar — the best of all things SKZ.

4. Stray Kids x SKZOO Card Holder Key Ring

Inside every Stray Kids album is at least one card featuring a selfie or unique photo taken by a band member. These photocards are major collectibles in the fandom; many STAYs keep their favorite cards from their favorite members on hand. It’s vital to keep your most prized photocards in pristine condition, so enlist an official Stray Kids x SKZOO card holder key ring to keep safely attached to a bag, phone or pant loop.

5. Stray Kids x SKZOO Desk Trash Bin

Keep your desk tidy with these mini trash bins inspired by the SKZOO characters. If you’re worried you’re going overboard with your Stray Kids merch, these are so cute and subtle that only true STAYs will recognize them—and love them.

6. #LOVESTAY Layered T-Shirt

A layered t-shirt that looks like something Bang Chan himself would wear, this item was released as part of the first-ever #LOVESTAY fan meeting, and remains a rare item.


This silver ring is a subtle way to wear your SKZ support if you’re a STAY who isn’t as flashy with their merch. Released for their “SKZ’s Chocolate Factory” fan meeting in Seoul, the item is engraved with the phrase “Love Stay” on the outside of the ring, and “From Skz” on the inside.

8. #LOVESTAY Bucket Hat

A favorite fashion item of all the Stray Kids — but particularly Hyunjin — an official bucket hat for the group came in collaboration with the “SKZ’s Chocolate Factory” fan-meeting event.