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Stray Kids’ Top 20 Most-Streamed U.S. Songs, With Commentary From Bang Chan

Read the stories behind some of the group's biggest hits.

Earlier this year, Stray Kids topped the Billboard 200 with Oddinary, a striking project that served as the group’s U.S. breakthrough. And while the Oddinary tracks are already among their most-streamed songs in the United States, Stray Kids have been collecting millions of streams from stateside fans since their inception years ago, and have meaningful stories to tell behind their success.

During Billboard’s digital cover story interview with Stray Kids, the group’s Bang Chan reflected on some of their biggest hits to date. Check out Stray Kids’ 20 songs with the most on-demand U.S. streams (according to Luminate, through the week ending Aug. 19), and Bang Chan’s commentary on a handful of highlights.


1. “God’s Menu”

Bang Chan: “ ‘God’s Menu’ is one of our most important songs and one of our most famous songs. It wasn’t originally ‘God’s Menu’ that was supposed to come out [as a single], but we made the demo, and I remember Hyunjin’s reaction to it was like, ‘We should go with this one! Everyone listen to this!’ So we went with it, and then, bang! It exploded.”

2. “Miroh”

3. “Back Door”

4. “Thunderous”

5. “Maniac”

“The songs on Oddinary are all very unique, and we were trying to reach out to STAYs so that they could take off their [proverbial] masks and reveal who they really are, like ‘Maniac’ says. That’s the message that we were going for.”

6. “Double Knot”

7. “Side Effects”

8. “Easy”

9. “Domino”

10. “Voices”

“What a throwback! We filmed the music video in the middle of summer, and it was so hot, just scorching. The choreography was so cool, though, and the vibe of the music was so deep, just very touching.”

11. “Awkward Silence”

12. “Red Lights”

“That one started off with me saying, ‘Hey, Hyunjin, you want to try something together? Let’s finally do something together!’ And I made a track, and luckily, Hyunjin really liked it, and then he full-on made a whole demo. From there we fixed parts, wrote the lyrics together. It was just really seamless. We finished it in a few hours.”

13. “Victory Song”

14. “Levanter”

15. “Top”

16. “All In”

17. “Insomnia”

18. “N/S”

19. “Cheese”

20. “Venom”