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Steve Angello Sued by Junior Sanchez & Former Size Records VP

Court hearings are set for January and February of 2017.

Former Size Records executive vice president Jade Maxe Assad and New York DJ/producer Junior Sanchez have filed independent lawsuits against Steve Angello in Los Angeles County court.

According to court documents sourced by Billboard Dance, Assad filed Sept. 16 citing breach of partnership agreement, promissory fraud, failure to pay wages, and unfair business practices, among others, with a hearing set for Jan. 17, 2017. Sanchez filed for fraud, breach of oral contract, and other charges on Oct. 21. His hearing is set for Feb. 21, 2017.

Assad claims to have entered an equal business partnership with Angello in 2008, the first business of which was InterArtist Services Gmbh or IAS, a tax and financial services company for international performing production artists. Together, they also acquired Rebel Studios in early 2013. Assad became employed by Size Records at Angello’s request in 2012 as a business developer. He was made executive vice president in March 2014 and promoted to managing partner. He made deals with the SLS Hotel chain and Kanon Organic Vodka. The partnership began to deteriorate in fall of 2014. Assad claims Angello wrongfully terminated his business with Assad in 2014.

The former Size Records executive vice president seeks all unpaid wages, compensatory and punitive damages, as well as loss of income in amounts to be proven in trial, the dissolution of Rebel Productions LLC, court costs, waiting time penalties, interest on unpaid wages, and all economic and general damages.


Sanchez claims Angello offered him five percent equity in Size Records and $3,000 a month in 2008, to which Sanchez agreed. Sanchez worked for Angello in this capacity from January of 2014 through June of 2016. Sanchez submitted monthly invoices to Angello through his LLC Brobot, as he was directed, but claims he has not been paid any wages for the months of March 2016 to June 2016, as well as his five percent stake in Size. Sanchez says he is unaware of the value of said equity. Sanchez was to provide his skills as a producer and performer as well as bring new artists to the label. He’s asking punitive damages in an amount proven by trial and the dissolution of Size LLC, and Size Records USA LLC., plus court and accounting costs.

“Mr. Sanchez respects and cares for Mr. Angello and his family very much and considers them friends,” reads an official statement from Sanchez’ camp. “Unfortunately in this business sometimes you need to resolve matters in a courtroom and that’s what we’re doing.”

According to Swedish publication Expressen, the damages sought could equal roughly $12 million.

Sources tell Billboard the tussle is “nothing more than an extortion attempt.” Angello would not comment, but through a representative tells Billboard he wishes the matter to remain private.