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Stateside Management Joins Indie Agency Sound Talent Group to Form New Joint Venture

James MacMillan's firm will join the company launched by Dave Shapiro, Tim Borror and Matt Andersen in 2018.

James MacMillan‘s producer management firm Stateside Management is merging with indie booking agency Sound Talent Group and will operate as a new joint venture to sign and manage studio talent.

MacMillan’s Portland, Oregon firm manages the careers of producers, mixers and engineers Alan Day, Danny Reisch, Jay Maas, Rian Lewis, Joseph McQueen, Josh Gilbert and McQueen and Gilbert’s production partnership Sparrow Sound. MacMillan said the partnership will help Stateside grow and scale up by taking on some of the company’s administrative responsibilities while providing a platform to collaborate with STG principals Dave Shapiro, Tim Borror and Matt Andersen on strategic growth initiatives.


Indie talent agencies have sprung up all over North America after the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the business in 2020, but Sound Talent Group got its start start two years earlier when Shapiro, Borror and Andersen left United Talent Agency on good terms and formed their own company in 2018. Four years later, STG books an expansive roster and now owns record label Velocity Records, a podcast network and have strategic investments in different parts of the music business.

MacMillan said he first connected with Shapiro last year while brokering a deal for Day to produce a record by STG management client YouTuber Alex Melton.

“We hit it off and did a couple of zoom calls and then he called me one day and said ‘Hey, I got this crazy idea — I was wondering if you wanted to partner up with myself and my business partners and bring your music producer management company under our umbrella,” MacMillan said.

Shapiro tells Billboard, “we’re always trying to be smart about how we diversify our business and find ways to bring value to our artists and clients. With Stateside, we really felt we had found the right match because of our label and everything we’re doing on the recording side as well as with all that bands that we book and their recording needs.  Now we’ve got this other arm to the business that we can offer our clients and our label artists and help bands are make the right records with the right people.”

As a producer-manager, MacMillan said a large part of his job is helping manage his clients’ songwriting and publishing credits, tracking their various revenue streams, managing their calendars and helping to vet new business opportunities. He adds that working with STG will allow him more time to work on strategy with his partners at STG and grow his client roster.

“I couldn’t be, couldn’t be happier. Those guys have so many decades of experience in the music industry,” MacMillan said.

“We’ve been talking with James through the better part of 2021 about what his business is and where we thought we could all take it together. He’s got a really great foundation with excellent clients,” Borror tells Billboard. “We really love what he’s doing and we plan to help him push this to be bigger and better. It was a fist fight to get through 2020 and 2021 but it feels really great to start off 2022 with a new business to build around James and Stateside.”