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Spotify’s Latest Personalized Playlist Serves Up Podcasts

Spotify has a new personalized playlist, and this time it's not music related.

Spotify has a new personalized playlist, and this time it’s not for music. The digital platform on Tuesday unveiled “Your Daily Podcasts,” an algorithm-informed playlist that looks at your recent pod-listening behavior, as well as follows, to create a daily mix of spoken word nuggets.

Once Spotify’s computers analyze your listening history and podcast preferences, the streaming service adds the next best episode for you to try. Results will ultimately be a mix of next-episodes of podcasts you’re already sucked into, along with similar series’ to try — though if you’ve never listened before, Spotify will first serve up a trailer or pilot to whet your appetite.

“Your Daily Podcasts” will only pop up in your “Made For You” hub (along with other personalized playlists such as “Daily Mix” and “Discover Weekly”) if you’ve listened to at least four podcasts in the past three months. The playlist also appear in the “Your Podcasts” shelf on Home. Free and Premium users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can check out the playlist now.

The new automated feature arrives shortly after Spotify began allowing users to add podcasts to their own playlists.


The news is the latest step in Spotify’s “Audio First” business strategy outlined in February by founder and CEO Daniel Ek. Since then, the tech company has consistently rolled out new plans to integrate podcasts into the platform and lead industry-wide development of the medium, ranging from acquisitions of Gimlet and Anchor in February to reformatting its app design and testing a new “create podcast” button