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Spotify Wrapped: Here’s How to See Your Top Music For 2019 (And the Decade)

Here's how to see your Spotify Wrapped for 2019 (and the decade).

As the end of the year (and the decade) approaches, Spotify is taking its annual Spotify Wrapped experience to another level. 

On Wednesday (Dec. 4), the streaming giant began rolling out its 2019 Wrapped campaign for users, revealing their personalized listening habits in the form of the top artists, songs, podcasts and genres they listened to throughout the year and allowing them to share the results across social media.

That’s not all: Spotify is giving users an added dose of nostalgia with My Decade Wrapped, giving them a chance to look back on the music that defined each of their years throughout the 2010s. Not only does the platform allow fans to compare their year-to-year Spotify use down to the number of minutes they spent streaming on the platform, it aggregates their listening habits over the last 10 years to reveal each user’s personal artist of the decade.


Curious to see your results? This year, for the first time ever, Spotify users with both premium and free accounts can access their 2019 Wrapped statistics simply by logging into the app or by visiting

Check out Spotify’s tweet about the annual year-end tradition below.

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