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Spotify Will Stream Radiohead’s New Album ‘As Soon As We Can,’ Rep Says

Radiohead's new album, "A Moon Shaped Pool," was available Apple Music and Tidal as of press time, but not Spotify. The popular streaming service tells Billboard that it's actively trying to secure…

As expected, Radiohead dropped its highly anticipated new album on Sunday (May 8) and the Internet went wild.

The British band’s ninth album, A Moon Shaped Pool, was expected to be released digitally at 2 p.m. ET, but it appeared a bit earlier than expected when Google Play made it available for streaming and purchase. It was quickly taken down.

Radiohead Releases New Album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’: Here’s Where to Listen

At around 2 p.m. ET, as promised, the 11-track album, Radiohead’s first since 2011’s The King of Limbs, was available for purchase through iTunes and the group’s website. As for streaming, A Moon Shaped Pool was available Apple Music and Tidal as of press time, but not Spotify. The popular streaming service tells Billboard that it’s actively trying to secure the new album.


“Radiohead’s new singles ‘Burn The Witch’ and ‘Daydreaming’ are already available on Spotify, and we look forward to making the rest of A Moon Shaped Pool available on Spotify as soon as we can,” a company rep says.

Radiohead Shares New Song ‘Daydreaming,’ Reveals Release Date For New Album

Radiohead’s PR team had no comment on Radiohead’s choice of subscription services, although the band’s singer, Thom Yorke, has spoken out against Spotify in colorful terms in the past. In a 2013 interview with the Mexican website Sopitas, Yorke described the company as “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse” and criticized its relationship with major labels (the three major-label groups each own a stake in the service). “I feel like as musicians we need to fight the Spotify thing,” he said. “I feel that in some ways what’s happening in the mainstream is the last gasp of the old industry. Once that does finally die, which it will, something else will happen.” Most of Radiohead’s discography is available on Spotify, minus its 2007 album In Rainbows and, in a recent move that took place after the band’s catalog moved from Parlophone to XL, the bonus material from the deluxe editions of their early albums.   


Meanwhile, A Moon Shaped Pool will be released in physical formats through XL Recordings on June 17. A special edition of the album includes bonus non-album tracks and 32 pages of artwork, along with a piece of half-inch inch master tape from a recording session.