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Spotify Testing Cheaper Subscription Plan for Couples

Couples, roommates and other co-habiting duos may now have a better — and cheaper — option for subscribing to Spotify. The streamer is testing Premium Duo, a discounted subscription for pairs. 

Spotify is currently piloting Premium Duo in Columbia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland and Poland, the company has confirmed to Billboard. The plan offers two Premium subscriptions for the discounted price of €12.49 per month.

A one-person Premium subscription currently costs €9.99 per month, while a shared Family plan, geared for households of up to six people, costs €14.99 a month. That means users who previously paid for a solo subscription would save around €3.75/month by using Premium Duo, and pairs who previously split a Family plan can save around €1.25/month by switching to Duo.


There are other benefits. Premium Duo users will get a personal Duo Mix playlist, which is regularly auto-generated based on music both people like. Through the new plan, users can also share playlists — or their entire library — with their partner with just one click, and access Duo Hub, a single destination to manage accounts, edit your home setup and view settings.

There's one caveat: As with the Family plan, Premium Duo is intended for people living under the same roof only. 

Spotify declined to comment on future plans for the subscription.