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Spotify Creates Playlists For Every State as Part of Its Midterm Elections Initiative

In an effort to increase voter turnout for next Tuesday's midterm elections, Spotify launched custom playlists in all U.S. states and territories on Tuesday (Oct. 30).

In an effort to increase voter turnout for next Tuesday’s midterm elections, Spotify launched custom playlists in all U.S. states and territories on Tuesday (Oct. 30). All users over the age of 18 who utilize the streaming service will receive messages within the app reminding them that Election Day is on Nov. 6.

With each playlist titled “Get Vocal, [your state here],” the respective compilations highlight music that is uniquely popular there: Get Vocal, New York includes tracks from NY natives Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and Lady Gaga; Tennessee’s customized track list includes plenty of country hits from the likes of Jason Aldean, Mitchell Tenpenny and Florida Georgia LineGet Vocal, Alaska even includes a bit of white noise for those who are struggling to sleep through the midnight sun.

The description for each playlist simply reads, “Songs uniquely popular in your state to take to the polls,” with a hyperlink to, which quickly directs voters to the appropriate polling location. Users will receive another reminder upon opening the app on Election Day itself (Nov. 6), reminding people to go out and vote, complete with another direct link to the same site.


Spotify has launched several internal programs to encourage its employees to vote as well, including employee voter registration drives in its U.S. offices and digitally in partnership with TurboVote, the League of Women Voters, the California Secretary of State and MassVote. Moreover, the streaming company has provided an initiative to encourage employees to work from home on Election Day to ensure they have enough time to vote.

While users will only receive a notification about their own state’s playlist, all of the compilations are accessible via Spotify search.