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Spotify Releases Stats on ‘Discover Weekly’ Playlists

Spotify's Monday morning mixtape, known as Discover Weekly, is off to a good start ten weeks after launching.

Spotify’s Monday morning mixtape feature, called Discover Weekly, is off to a good start ten weeks after launching. The service announced on Thursday that 1 billion songs have so far been streamed from the automated playlists, which are tailored to each listeners’ taste and released every Monday morning.

Those billion tracks add up to about $7 million in royalties, going by the standard rate of $0.007 per stream.

Spotify also said 71 percent of Discover Weekly listeners saved at least one track to their own playlists and 60 percent of DW users go on to stream at leave five of the tracks.

“A billion thank yous to all of the music fans who listen, discover and share music and artists every day through Discover Weekly — the entire Spotify team behind DW is overwhelmed with this amazing response!” the company said on its website.

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Discover Weekly is Spotify’s latest feature to foster music discovery on the leading streaming service. It follows the launch of Apple Music and its human-powered Beats1 radio station and collection of programmed playlists. Apple also has a “For You” section that, like Spotify’s Discover Weekly, promises to deliver better recommendations the more the user listens.